Triacipedis the White III (5)



2011 Triacipedis the White III 750ml 5-Pack
2011 Triacipedis the White in the Dominion of the Flower-King
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Way to go, ThunderThighs!


Oh, just shoot me now. I have been hoping for a return of the F-Bomb. Loved it and wanted to buy more. Not a white wine drinker, but really did love that offering. And, instead, you taunt me with this Woot Cellar, instead. Fiends! Decision, decisions.




Congrats TT on being the first sucker on a WW. A Woot Cellars nonetheless


I bought 2 F-Bombs and my biggest regret was not buying three.

I am always in for 3 of a woot-cellars wine from this day forward.


If anyone tasted this at any recent gatherings can you comment on its sweetness?


This works…wife has been drinking more white wine lately, can’t beat the QPR of a Woot Cellar wine!


If you liked the f-bomb this should fit the bill.
The last Triacipidis was the bomb.

Perfect for White Sangrias on the deck.
QPR is good. And it says Woot! on the cork.
What’s not to like?

Summer breeze, makes me feel fine.
Triacipidis, a Woot!alicious wine.

Siwbm is done. In for two.


Didn’t taste it, but looking at the numbers it appears to be right on the edge of off dry to semi sweet.

Someone correct me if I am wrong.


I really loved the last Triacipedis, so did everyone that tried it when I brought it over for parties etc. Never too sweet, always refreshing. In for one, no more than that only because I have no room. Damn you woot, all these wines I cannot resist are destroying my SIWBM.


Do want…but mid move! Any DC metro or southern NH folk willing to let me buy one off them so I can sample and add another sweet woot bottle to my collection?


what’s an F Bomb?


I’m moving at the end of the month, since apparently I get the shipping notifaction after it ships, I kind of need to know where to send it, old or new address?


A previous Woot! Cellars offering.

It was, too. You should get three.
It disappears faster than you think in this heat.


Are you moving far away? You could always mail it to a FedEx Office with your name C/O FedEx Office


nice work TT. but, i mean you do know a guy…


No, I’m moving 4 blocks away, and I would totally not worry and just re-routed to the fedex office, but woot shipping notifaction screwed up last time. How do I mail things to the fedex office? Do I need to notify them ahead of time?


Which one, exactly?