Triacipedis the White III (5)



Triacipedis the White III 5-Pack
2011 Triacipedis the White in the Dominion of the Flower-King
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Anyone who bought this last time have some notes to share?


In for one, we just finished the last bottle this past weekend. My wife likes this wine after it has sat out for about 20 minutes…even though it is a white. I agree. Straight from the wine cellar isn’t as good.


I got these last time. It’s very sweet. I don’t have any fancy notes other than that. I drank it all pretty quick though.


I am no expert, but as said below, liked it better after it sat for a bit. Easy to drink, not to fruity, or sour(bite?). Enjoyed with a Chicken Asiago and was quickly gone during our yearly chili cookoff.

We liked the Minatour better, but this one has grown on us.


I don’t have all the fancy wine lingo, but bought this last time so I’ll give my thoughts. It’s got a lot of zip and loads of floral (like the label says). So much that it gave me a headache the first time drinking it, and I’m not allergic to flowers. Other than the floral bouquet (ha) it has a good amount of sugar and fruit but not what I would consider a “sweet” wine. Interesting to experience but I wouldn’t buy again. I’m going to try the Quaffmor instead.


Here’s my note from CT:

“Very pale, perhaps a hint of grass on the first whiff with some honey-like sweetness. Sweet (not overly so) at first but then it quickly moves onto a great tangy/tart finish on the back of your tongue. This seems like a perfect summer sipper.”

Great stuff. Highly recommend it.


and my notes from CT;
"8/22/2012 rated 85 points: Nose of apples, grapefruit, pears and honeysuckle. Crisp, steely entry with green apples, pears, guava and petrol on the palate. Heavy, slightly viscous mouthfeel and tart citrus on the finish with some lingering petrol. "


I have bought this twice now. Could have saved that extra shipping if I would have just bought more than 1 the first time. But I’m not really a white guy. This one, I like.

This has a bit of minerality to it that makes it very enjoyable for me. I would put it on the verge of semi-sweet to dry, but closer to the sweet side. It drinks very easy with a really nice mouth feel; very smooth. Nice acidity to balance back the sweetness. Tastes of citris, with a little pear and apricot maybe. Strangley enough, as I have seen in another review, I got a slight… petrol flavor, for lack of a better desciptor. Not unpleasant at all. I know that sounds really odd. You’ll just have to trust me on this one.

I would get more, but I have more than enough whites right now, so I am going to have to pass. I’m spending all my budget on other reds on this current Woot Off. But I do strongly recommend this one. You won’t be dissapointed.


Petrol is a fairly common tasting note for Rieslings and this blend is 34% Riesling.


Thanks for everyone who is sharing their CT notes. I looked over at CT and read those reviews, but it’s nice to be able to put a monster’s face with a review. For some reason, it makes it more trustworthy.

My wife and I like our reds bug and kicking and our whites as dry as possible. It sounds like this one may be a bit too sweet for our 'buds, but the Woot packaging is so baller.


Be gentle :slight_smile: How does this compare to a moscato? I’ve read that it’s “sweet” is it moscato “sweet”? Thank you in advance for your kindness and for not making me feel silly :slight_smile:


This one is not nearly as sweet as the moscatos I’ve had. Off-dry, I’d say, rather than aggressively sweet.


Thank you :slight_smile: