Is penguin supposed to be the other other other other yet still other alternative meat?

wait, i don’t get it.

I get it, the whale has a penguin stuck in his teeth so he’s the least important person in the triage area, right?

Antarctic HMOs:

patient: “I have an orca-sized headache…”
nurse: "I think you can wait, sir…


You would think that penguin whale-for-a-head(*) would’ve tipped over for being so top heavy …

So is the penguin Super Penguin, able to lift orca out of the water?

LOL, my suspension of disbelief shouldn’t be so hung up on the little details.

“Call me ‘It’s-a-meal.’”

One of the most famous opening lines of any novel.

I’m bothered by the purple orca more than the penguin dressed as a doctor. Why is it purple?

bah… literalists.

“Things to remember when dealing with a patient suffering from an acute case of Killer-Whale-On-Head (KWOH):”

Is this meant to imply that there is such an ailment as “chronic Killer-Whale-On-Head”? I would imagine not many patients survive the initial, acute attack…

Can we pretend the penguins are PETA? Or is that also animal abuse?

Was that penguin named Samuel L. Jackson by any chance? I bet he was giving some kind of motivational speech or some such.

“Hi, Doc? I have this thing on my head…”

What a nice hat.

Also, thank you to whoever wrote the shirt color description, for instantly transporting me back to a happy childhood memory:


I wish I had this shirt 14 years ago when I started my first day at Sea World.

Wonders when @bassanimation will do a similar one with a mouse and kitty…

I struggle to see how the doctor would cure his patients with a solitary fish.