Because the artist simply wanted to use purple, as it’s a softer color than black?

Randy is known for using softer color palettes and for doing something less than predictable in his designs. It’s why we love him.

And that’s why the orca is purple.

Are we sure this isn’t an Orca visiting the dentist because he has a Penguin stuck between his teeth.


Pity it’s not offered as a print for scrubs …

This shirt tells the world: “Call me ‘It’s-a-meal.’”
We call this color: Baby Blue-ga.

Really… face palm on this one.
Good shirt though, just not for me.

write up made me giggle, which shows how much sleep I lack, nice to see the randyotter style + palette, expressions are fun all around – even the whale.

Tastes like chicken.

What a goofy shirt. You can tell we are catering to children now.

Free Willy? More like free meal! Unless the entire half penguin/half orca abomination’s name is Willy. Then free Willy.

From now on Shamu would like it specified in his rider: no penguins with a metal plate in their head.

Cool shirt, Randyotter. I know you make a lot of wonderfully fancy, surreal-cute designs but I dig these simpler funnies too. Some website should be paying you the big bucks for a daily dose of these. :^)

I’ll have to pay $15 for this - payday isn’t until tomorrow. Sigh.

I really want this.

Was this design previously in a derby? or might I have scored it on another site? It seems familiar somehow…

OMG PENGUIN DEATH PANELS!? When will the politicians end our suffering? Wait. They just did! LULZ

Cute shirt!

Congrats Aaron! I love your sense of humor and style!

Exactly! That’s what I was going to ask. It feels like I’ve seen this but maybe with a little different artwork…

There is something fishy about the nurse’s lack of instruments. I am also surprised the middle penguin isn’t floundering about in pain. Otterwise this is a whale of a shirt that truly speaks to my sole.

…Sorry bout that, just had to take the bait.

I suffer from Killer Whale on Penguin (KWOP) syndrome. :C

points to his name, and then points to the fact that he instantly bought this shirt

Poor killer whale! He’s suffocating from both air exposure AND penguin ingestion! Anybody know aquatic mammal Heimlich?

As an elementary school nurse, this was a no brainer buy! I have seen similar ailments on a daily basis!