Give a hoot! Buy a Woot!

A gold piece to the first Tootsie Roll reference!

In for one… Love it!

The 3D effect on the branch is really amazing. This is the first shirt in a while I might not mind wearing. Good job!

This shirt asks the question “Who are you?”


Wrong bird. The Tribe’s new politically correct mascot is the hideous griffin.

QUICK! Buy one…


Simple and cool, what’s not to love?

So this owl was on Reddit just yesterday:

I think it’s tough to compete with that.

Is this a Guardian of Ga’hool?

Tribeowl is both an anagram and a homophone of tri-bowel. Just thought you’d want to know.

This one has a distinct woodcut style to it. Very cool, Rachel!

This Owl is far too sophisticated to say “Orly”.

I like the owl on Rush’s “Fly By Night” album.

I’ll see that and raise you:

Spot on man. I couldn’t compete with that… nobody could.

Is it just me, or have there been a lot of green/grass shirts lately?

Not that I’m complaining, or anything. Green is the new Asphalt!

The detail here is great! Patterns are superb