Trick or Terror
*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race

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Grats on the print, Steven

those shadows dont even come close to matching up, come on! lol. jk pretty sweet

not liking this. im tired of halloween already and it hasn’t even come! :slight_smile:

awesome concept!!! nicely rendered. might have to pass though.

Great shirt the rounded part is even with my belly should look great!


pass… good design though… finallly something red

I am so tired of these Halloween shirts.


ehh. Swing and a miss imo.

Add another 10$ to my credit card payment this month.

They post this one but no Trick-or-Treat?

wow 1st really nice non-derby shirt in a while. i wouldn’t wear it, but i definitely like it.

Nope, that’s an orange shirt.

if this shirt sells out, I will sell all of my posessions and become a priest. (I’m an atheist)

good point!

Very nice design!

um… that’s orange.

I really like this one a lot but I think I’ll pass on anymore Hallowoots at this point unless a design really wows me. This one is very cute though. Congrats to the artist! :slight_smile:

Did anyone else notice the color? “Orange you ready for the turkey pirate shirts to start?” That made me laugh.

So far, no Halloween shirts has sparked my interest :frowning: