Trick or Terror

What girls can’t trick or treat?

Great shirt, best Halloween one yet in my opinion. Still… $15 bucks to be able to wear it by friday? That’s a bit much.

Sill waiting for the purple pumpkin face and the rest have just not been earth shattering for me…Great orange shirt, but not for me@

Great design, but I don’t really like the trick or treaters since they’re probably kids

bad point.

Woot has only printed a fourth place shirt a few times:

~Once the night before Christmas, as what they alleged to be a bit of Christmas goodwill. (Urban Ice)
~In tie situations
~During a do-over derby or subsequent Editor’s Choice week.

Even then, there have been only 3 fourth place shirts that woot chose themselves to print (plus two ties). Since this isn’t an editor’s choice week, nor is it a tie (nor is it even the day after the derby in question), you have a pretty small chance of seeing it happen. Printing a derby shirt arbitrarily during a “standard” week is unprecedented, and woot only does unprecedented things that disenfranchise designers.

Congrats on the print… But I am going to have to agree with the majority on this one… No thanks…

cute shirt lulz

Aw, this is so cute. I hope it looks more orangy when it shows up.

If you become a priest, I’ll gain a whole bunch of posessions and become an atheist (I’m a priest).

i for one, am sick of halloween shirts… sigh… i wanna buy crap! lol

If you’re referring to that derby honorable mention I definitely agree they should’ve printed that instead any of these crappy “hallowoot” shirts. weak.

I’ll spend my life savings to make your dream come true.


Yeah but according to the long-time Wooters, Woot will never appease the masses. Regardless of whether it came in 4th by 3 votes and reattempts to immanentize the Eschaton on every Halloween shirt I’ve seen on this site. But rest assured we will never see that shirt unless Drakxxx prints it himself. But even then that will be way past Halloween time since Woot gets to keep it for 60 days from the derby date.

I liked it, I bought it.

great seasonal print, Steven. Congrats!

(and where is Jakey?) This is Halloween AND orange!

I was wondering where he was myself. As soon as I saw tonight’s Woot, I would have placed bets that he would have been the first to purchase this. I hope he’s okay and that he’s able to get one.

I was sleeping! Strange hours for me sometimes, but I stayed up from Saturday at 10pm til about 6 pm Sunday, then just woke up a little while ago. I honestly didn’t expect Hallowoot to continue so I didn’t really rush on to check anything out since I missed the 1AM switch. At first I got real excited, then got real disappointed.

Its been so long since Drakxxx had his shirts in the derby that if they printed them now, I don’t think I would consider it a 4th place print or whatever. I think its OK to print them now, for Halloween. Unless one of Drakxxx’s designs get printed, I’m not buying anymore Hallowoot shirts because I KNOW better exists. I mean, not to knock this design, because it is sweet, but I’ve already got plenty of Halloween shirts now, so I’m going to hold out for the best. The only real shirt I appreciated so far is Undead Whispers. Thats sweet, but I don’t think its really “Halloween” related just because it has zombies on it. So yeah. Thats where I stand… For now… Unless I’m totally blown away by a shirt, or I see something by Drakxxx, then I’m just waiting for this Hallowoot to be over at this point.

EDIT: I can’t forget the pirate shirt either, although that was part of the derby. That rocked. Also, maybe I’m not ok, and I’m cranky since I just woke up and usually when I’m on here I’m just a few hours away from going to bed. But either way, I’m ok. Heheh…

Awesome tee! Congrats on the print, Steven.

Cute design. But orange? bleh.

I’m (kinda) new around here. Where do these non-derby shirts come from?