Trick Or Treat

Does this shirt come with underwear suspenders, just in case one can’t provide something good to eat?

b-but, I just wanna give you the candy… please don’t make me smell your feet!

Instead of glow in the dark messages, I think a more pragmatic design would involve a front-sewn extra-large candy pouch.

This will be useful in the dark. It’ll be easier to find the kid.

Is it radioactive?

I can guarantee that smelling my feet would not be a treat for anyone. :slight_smile:

Just for that you’re getting raisins.

probably not a good idea to wear this to a dark party. unless it’s one of THOSE parties…

This would be a funny shirt to get someone as a gift.

A leash would also solve that problem. :smiley: lol

ah, further proof that the proper lighting can truly make an outfit shine… >=b

Its a great shirt but it doesn’t feel Halloween-y.

I’m glad it’s not scratch n sniff.

if i don’t pay for overnight, will this get to my house by Halloween? (Ordered the Son of Mario shirt on 10/7 and tracking says it won’t be here until 10/20)

this shirt is not good to eat.

In for two one for me(because trust me you don’t want to smell my feet) and hopefully one for my son(size ws) will fit.

we used to use a similar phrase that ended with a request to take me to the Pizza Hut.

If you want to be 100% absotively, posolutely sure, then I’d recommend overnight for the $5.

Smelling someone’s feet in the dark is like the Pepsi Challenge. In the end, both sides are the same.