Tricky Treats

Talk about a ruined childhood.

Let’s see Kit-Kat Hershey’s bar, Twix, Reese’s, Toostie Roll, and Tootsie pop, smarties, peppermint, standard lolipop, apple, candy corn, hmm I just can’t figure out the fish hook and the nails ones.

All this time I’ve been told you’ll lose teeth by eating too much candy. I’ll need this for my next dentist appointment to prove him wrong.

Wait a minute, it glows in the dark too?!!!

Must buy once my next paycheck hits.

The Hallowoot continues! In for one again. How van I resist, every parent’s worst nightmare, right here, on a shirt!

Now I crave a Reese’s!

Hallowoot! Glow in the dark! It’s my favorite time of year! I should go buy candy for the kids in my neighborhood! And keep my scissors and razor blades far far away from the bucket of candy!

Lol, I love the one staple in the candy corn.

. . . and get off my lawn!

Gotta be honest, this shirt bothers me :frowning:

Wait, no one else thinks this is messed up? No one remembers the days when this stuff ACTUALLY HAPPENED and hurt kids? No one knows this is the reason parents are warned to only let their kids have sealed candy from recognizable brands?

I know you were trying to be edgy, Shirt Woot, but this is just in bad taste. I think I’m out for good now.

I find this shirt in poor taste. I like Woots humor but this goes a bit overboard.

Yep, me too. Just a little too close to poison-laced Tylenol for my liking.

oh, shirt.woot!, you and your road maps to disasters shakes head turns page in Anarchist Cookbook

I think you’d better check your facts there. I don’t think there is a single confirmed case of tainted candy being distributed at random to strangers.

Oh look. It’s also a tote bag. Just as creepy.

Woot I think this shirt should go the way of your two for Tuesday…outta here!

Incredibly poor taste!

When I was a kid, I got stuck with something like a sewing pin hidden in a piece of laffy taffy. I confirm it.

Thanks for reminding me of the year I got a tetanus instead of the rest of my candy…

Yeah, kinda with you there. I lived this era.