Tried ordering a shirt on two different browsers: 503 Service not available

Is anyone else having issues?

Kind of a bad start to ordering shirts on here… :[

Ordering during a woot-off can be a challenge, as the servers are getting hit with a higher-than-normal amount of traffic. Try a couple times (no need to change browsers, if it’s a server issue that really won’t change anything).

Ahh. okay. I was ordering a shirt that wasn’t part of a woot off but I guess they’re still getting hammered eh? :confused: Damn…

Same servers support shirt.woot as woot runs on. So, yeah…if one site is particularly busy, the whole she-bang slows down.

You should wait for the $12 Woo-Toff sale anyway, unless you prefer to give an extra buck to your fave artist.

The hamster fell off the wheel…just sayin’

must have let all the smoke out of the hard drive guys…im sorry