TriggerPoint Foot and Lower Leg Kit

I’ve purchased a kit from amazon before that contained everything here plus the quadballer- and upgrade to the conventional foam roller.

My view of these tools is that they are the absolute best I’ve used for trigger points, but that doesn’t mean you couldn’t go the same tripper point/rolling with a few lacrosse balls and a foam roller.

The massage balls can be used individually for multiple areas or used in tandem to work out kinks in the calf (one below your calf, one above). The stiffness of these balls is great- softer than a lacross ball, stiffer than a tennis ball. The fabric lining creates enough grip to prevent the balls from slipping (a lacrosse ball issue). Having said this, you can perform these massages with just two lacrosse balls.

The foam block and the mini roller (footballer) are used in tandem to roll the lower calves. This is usually a very tight area, and these tools do a great job at that. A standard lacrosse ball and a yoga block can sort of replicate this, though it would probably be very painful.

If your a runner/athlete who has to spend time working on your lower legs to keep them from giving your problems, then the price isn’t bad for getting some great tools. But for most people, these are pretty custom tools. A roller ball and a foam roller (quadballer is what this company calls theirs, and its great) is the most useful tools for trigger point/foam rolling massage.

I guess I should mention that, even though you can replicate these massage techniques with cheaper tools, they only place where I had ever seen these specific massage techniques (rolling your calf between two balls, use of a foam block to roll your calves, etc) was on the provided DVDs. They are very good massage protocols.