TriGlow 40-Watt LED 4' Linkable Shop Light

how long is the cord, and how many can you link together and still plug only one into an outlet?

Does it need to be wired-hooked or is it plugged-in? Considering they can be chain-linked by plugging into each other, I presume it needs an outlet. I see the switch is a pull-chain type.

18 pounds?! Are you sure about that? Maybe 18 ounces…

I googled around a bit, and maybe here are the answers, although I AM NOT AN AUTHORITY ON THIS MATTER:

  1. Yes, it looks like two pounds, not 18.

  2. The cord looks like maybe 4-5 feet?

  3. I couldn’t find any mention of how many you can string together, other than “several”, but at 40W per unit if you chain 5 of them together that’s 200W, and the power cord probably has some limit.

And now, my question: can you turn each unit on and off individually, or do they all turn on/off together?

And yet another question… what type of switch? Can you wire the receptacle(s) to a light switch and not use the pull chain at all?

The picture on the box says “Linkable up to 4 fixtures”.

I expect that the daisy chain outlets are wired to follow the pull-chain, so you turn the 3 follower units on and leave them on, then use the pull-chain on the first one to turn the group on or off. Or you have to go down the line turning each one on as you go.

The other option is those outlets are “always hot” like an extension cord. That might help if the power outlet is on the other side of the room from the door, which might give you fits if they are daisy chained as above…

I expect that you could re-wire it from following to always on fairly easily if you wanted to. The reverse might be a little harder depending on how/where they have the wires run.


You should be able to do that regardless of the [thing] you plug into the power outlet…

If you are worried that there is some sort of soft-start or it would be damaged by turning it on or off that way, I have no idea. Since it uses a cord rather than being hard-wired in, I would hope it was designed with [someone kicking the cord] in mind.

But if it is vulnerable to that, it will be vulnerable any time the power goes out and back on as well…


Worth noting that the 40 watts is the actual wattage and not the equivalency. A fluorescent fixture would use about twice the power for the same 4100 lumens, and incandescent would use about 10x the power - about 400 watts.

And 4000K isn’t very “cool”, and is sometimes called “daylight” or “natural white” or “neutral white”. It’s cooler than “soft white”, but not the obvious blue tint that many “cool” lights have. Some manufacturers consider 4000K to be warm.

At the mothership, these are $49.99 each (as given as List Price here) or $32.99 each in a six-pack, so this is a decent deal. But as the page says, there are no reviews on either listing.

And they do plug into each other:

Google Shopping lists Woot as the only seller, since as we know, Google blocks Amazon results.

Does it include the fluorescent lights (tubes) ?

Don’t hold your breath ! waiting for them to include the ‘‘fluorescent lights (tubes)’’ on this deal , since they have gotten this deal down to rock bottom on the price as it is.fluorescent lights (tubes)PLUS If they did that then they would have to change the name from ‘‘LED …Shop Lights’’ to say…’‘4’ florescent shop lights’’ !

Couple answers to questions:

Cord is 5’ in length

Correct weight is 2 lbs

3 foot and a 20 amp breaker should handle 6