TriGlow 40-Watt LED 4' Linkable Shop Light

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TriGlow 40-Watt LED 4’ Linkable Shop Light
Price: $29.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Tuesday, Jan 16 to Wednesday, Jan 17) + transit
Condition: New


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Previous Similar Sales (May not be exact model)
12/23/2017 - $29.99

Same price on Amazon, with free prime shipping… and $2 more for 5k “Daylight”

[MOD: Not the same brand. Affiliate links are not allowed.]

Thanks! Is this an affiliate link?

[MOD: Yes it was. I’ve removed the affiliate part of the link.]

Trying not to add insult to injury, but the 4-Pack is only $110 which makes them only $27.50 each. No tax and free shipping. (please don’t say they are another brand…no one cares with the details you provided.)

Also it would have been nice to have included important details such as:

Mounting options?
Hardware included?
Estimated yearly cost?
How many LED’s?
Beam Angle?
Working temperature?
Length of connecting cord?
How many can you link together?
Why the model listed in the link above has a 5 year warranty?
Pull cord?

Ah forget it. I didn’t even need these until I saw the Amazon ad and picked up a 4-pack for the garage. I didn’t need the motion sensor since my wall switch in the garage is already one.

If I have a problem, I can send them back for free too.

Link is pure, no affiliate, just Amzazon

[MOD: different brand]

hatsix nice link, thanks.

Woody, I agree with the issues with the total lack of details given for this item, though I would still give woot a little credit for how they run the comments section.

They allow folks to post comments and links even those that undercut their ability to sell an item, instead of taking them down, which other places might.

That said, off to amazon I go.

You can get them at Costco for 19.99, although different brand.


Can these be powered by a 12v power supply, running off of a pair of deep cycle batteries?

In-store only, brand is Feit. Online they had the 2-pack but is sold out and now removed.

Completely agree. If you think about it, Amazon wins either way. Maybe this is a plot to make us all buy PRIME? (Which I do)

Edit: My 4 pack has left CA and will be delivered 2,500 miles away arriving Tuesday! Gotta love PRIME.

I earned that little black square, oh so long ago. :slight_smile:

Sure, connect a 12v converter to your batteries ($16) and plug the light cord into the AC outlet. Charge a couple phones at the same time too.

Edit: This was on a lightning deal 1/18/18 for $13.

I should have read the comments.
Paid $5.00 shipping and $10 more.
WOOT, sorry but this one sucks.

They do have polarized plugs though.

Not to make you feel bad, but mine already arrived and all four are up and flush to the garage ceiling, which is finished, and they are bright!

4 in a 24’x30’ garage was overkill.

Glad they have pull chains. :slight_smile: