TriGlow 40-Watt LED 4' Linkable Shop Light

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TriGlow 40-Watt LED 4’ Linkable Shop Light
Price: $29.99
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I bought three of these last time they were here. They weren’t packed terribly well, got pretty beat up in shipping. One rattled a bit, I took it apart and removed a few pieces of hot glue that had broken loose. Other than that they work GREAT, nice and bright. Could use longer chains though, they only come with about 5" drop-hanging chains. I went to walmart and picked up “chain rope” to extend them down closer to my work areas. The power cables are only long enough to reach outlets on the ceiling near the light, you will need to use an extension cord otherwise to plug them in. I’d recommend them, they do a good job for the price.

Are there screw slots on the back? Could I flush mount these on pegboard or on the ceiling joist?

Yes to both questions.

Read here for the last sale as there are some better options

4000K is NOT Cool White Light. It is very “Warm”, shifted to the red side of white. 6000K and higher would be considered Cool. Blue side.

The photos Look to me like a 2-prong cord, True?
Spec says a 5-foot long 3-prong so which is it?

[MOD: photo is correct. It’s 2 prong.]

After converting to LEDs I now look at old incandescent lights (~2700) as dingy, yellow light and can’t really stand it.
4000K is about right for me and think of it more in the middle between “warm” white and “cool” white. Kind of crappy that most stores only sell 2700K bulb LEDs.

What are the Lumens ratings on these?

Per the features: High luminous efficiency with 4100 lumen output provides an extra bright atmosphere.

This is a 2-prong cord


you can get a two pack for $55.99 with free shipping at Costco.
-Feit Electric 42W
-4000K Cool White
-3700 Lumens
-50,000 Hours

just sayin.

Doesn’t this item have 3700 lumens vs. 4100 lumens here?

Of course for that to work you would Have to:
A) Already be a Costco member…or be willing to pay the non-member (5%) markup.
B) Accept that the Feit’s are 10% less lumens and slightly more watts. I have 2 of these and 2 FEITs already and you can easily tell which is which.

I’m just sayin’…

Decent price, but I’m lookin fer 8 footers. Ya’ll seen any?

Good luck shipping an 8 foot light bulb. I can practically guarantee that it will be in pieces before it gets to the final destination.


Connect two 4 footers together as they are designed.

Cool white LED is about as white as you’ll ever want. Don’t confuse a burning filament to an LED. These are very white and so bright, it doesn’t matter.

The package says it includes hanging hardware, but none enclosed. I’ll have to jury-rig my own. The local BJs Club has LED shop lights for the exact same price; I bought online for convenience. It arrived yesterday and I thought I would hang it and be done. Now I won’t get this done until the weekend.

A lousy deal.

I tried the support page but the screen remained blank. I’ll try again today.