TriGlow LED Flush-Mount Dimmable Light

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TriGlow LED Flush-Mount Dimmable Light
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After so many other items listed here recently, I initially thought this was a different kind of “flush mount” light.

Wonder if Amazon Echo can control with a hub it says cloud not sure if it’s controllable through Wireless

I have traditional fixtures with LED light bulbs screwed into them. The fixtures last forever, whereas I would need to throw this away
and re-do hard wiring after however many years. Am I missing something?

In this case, “cloud” refers to the shape of the diffuser, not any kind of wireless connection.

Using them for 8 hours per day, 365 days per year, the approximately 50,000 hours of life works out to about 17 years. Just depends on which light style you prefer (your present fixtures or this) and if you want to replace them every 17 years…

17 years my ass! Bold claim, no back up. My “super long life” LED bulbs last anywhere from 2 to 5 years. That’s what I would expect with these non-replaceable bulbs.

Not to speak for or against this but there aren’t any “bulbs” with this unit. Instead they use a hardwired LED element which is very low heat and very reliable.

Does this dim down all the way? My current led fixture dims to a certain point and then turns off, but I would like it dimmer.

I’ve had to replace a couple of BR30 LED bulbs after a year but I consider those defective bulbs. The problem is that it will occur after any warranty expires and trying to find the same fixture after that time is nearly impossible.
I also had an outdoor 16W LED in a recessed fixture fail after some high winds. Apparently vibration can also cause failure.
That said I tried to find an LED fixture that could be mounted on a J-box the depth of the drywall a couple years ago and couldn’t find one. A fixture with a 20W COB LED panel would have worked great.

What size room and how much light would these provide?