TriGlow LED Linkable Shop Lights, 4-Pack

Are there four in each package or just 1?

Are these 2 bulb units or single?

The spec page is clear as mud - it indicates there might be 2 or 4 units in a box. So it is a surprise.

[MOD: it’s s 4-pack]

Ummm people… It says a 4 pack and there are plenty of pictures with 2 bulbs in the lights.

Are these battery operated or need to be tied into an electrical outlet?

You have to plug in at least one of them to an outlet and then you can link the other three off of the first one. Too bad this is string pull instead of motion sensor.I have been wanting these and this is a good price.

Decent. Same package is $109.99 on Amazon, so saving $10. They are basically like Christmas light strands. They can be linked together, but power must originate from one of them plugged into an outlet. The ceiling outlet for garage doors would work great. For you nerds (like me), here’s some more data:
Energy Star Qualified, Type of Bulb: LED, Luminous Flux: 4100 lm, Wattage: 40 watts, Color Temperature 4000 Kelvin.

btw, these are “cool white.” They make a “daylight”, brighter version as well.

Buy a light socket with motion sensor and then a light socket to plug adaper. Then you will have your motion sensing capabilities.

Per the specs at Amazon, the “daylight” version is no brighter than the “cool white” as both have a listed output of 4100 lumens. Cool white, soft white, daylight, etc. are references to color temperature, not brightness or output. Lower numbers around 2700k will have the same off white/yellowish glow as incandescent bulbs. 5000k will be more white (to me, daylight bulbs always look too blue).

Another important but often overlooked spec on an led bulb is the CRI (color rendering index). These are 80 which is considered fine for most locations. If you really need to tell the slight differences between shades, like in an art studio, you want a CRI greater than 90.

You are getting 4 units.

Can these be hard wired?

Even though the ‘in the box’ section reads (2) or (4)?

[MOD: Booboo. It’s been fixed.]

The only difference between something that requires an outlet and something that is hardwired is the plug at the end of the wire of the light. Lob it off and connect the care wires. What that will do to your warranty, however, is a mystery. YMMV.

In the box:
(4) TriGlow T83901 40-Watt LED 4’ Linkable Shop Lights

These are non-replaceable LED tubes. Unlike florescent tubes, you won’t need to replace every 5 years (or so) to keep output at peak, but you also can’t make one tube warm white and the other cool white.

I’ve had LED tubes fail in a year or less - the /average/ life is good, but they have to survive the first year first.

Nonreplaceable tubes is a deal-breaker for me.

Can these be surface mounted?

How many can be linked together?

Could you link 8, 12, or 16 together with only the first one plugged in?

You can buy a motion sensor plug and just plug these lights into it.