TriGlow LED Linkable Shop Lights, 4-Pack

how’s the output compared to twin T-8 fluor tubes?

Been waiting to convert to LED but my T-8 are still running strong.

does anyone know how long the cords are for these?

5 feet

The only place it says 2 is weight… 2 pounds.

How do these start in the cold weather? (Wisconsin)

They are LED, there should be no problem at all. Temperature should have such a miniscule affect on the LEDs that you shouldn’t be able to notice the difference between hot and cold at all.

25$ each is crazy

my local oceanstate joblot has 15$ LED shoplights 4k light 5000lumen

and smaller ones @ 2500lumen for 5$


I replaced my entire house and all of the exterior lights with LED 3 years ago. I have had zero failures. These include bulbs, inside and outside can lights. The exterior are on everyday for 10 hours. Im a fan for sure.

Can I replace my surface mounted lights with these? I don’t want them hanging by chains, but would like to wire them into existing ceiling fixtures.

I’m going to. In for one set.

These are not designed to be surface mounted. They make models that do surface mount, just not these.

Daylight is just a different color temperature, not brighter.
CW = 4100K DL = 5500K

Thanks for the tip fellow Rhode Islander!

There are four in a package

Ummm people. Actually there are zero bulbs in these lights. Google “LED” and you’ll get it. LOL!

Can I still order this?

Unfortunately, our sale ended for this a couple days ago, but you never know, we might just have this back on the site soon!

…Carton has 4 smaller boxes within and one fixture with bulbs included…plenty bright…Hobbiehubbcapp.

…My order came with 4 fixtures and 8 bulbs pre-installed and wired with leads w/plug ins and a female plug on the other end and can be put end to end (up to four in a row).