eh, it’s blue at least?

soh cah toa!

sin(angle) = opposite side of angle/hypotenuse
cos(angle) = adjacent side of angle/hypotenuse
tan(angle) = opposite side/adjacent side

Woot: I are females :]

As long as you don’t start asking me to find “x” I’m good…

This was just a diversion while the coroner took my wallet.

Trig was the first math class I ever got an A in. My grandpa was so shocked he gave me $100 ^^;. I had a teacher keep me after class until I was un-dumb’d, at least for that test.

Congrats, Pixelpants!!! Wooters love math, I think this will be a sell out!!

Wear this shirt when angling for compliments.

What an obtuse way to kill a man. However, it does leave me rather isosceles.

“Am I blue? You would be too…” if you were trapped under a tree.

Actually, this is my favorite geometric theorem, which was my favorite form of math, possibly because it’s the only one that involves triangles*. Add in a tree, but subtract possibility shirt depicts a crime scene, divide by simplicity of style = still doing the math.

*we won’t discuss trigonometry.

Wouldn’t Treegonometree be more symmetrical?

Fun shirt, I do like it.

If only I was the very model of a modern major general I’d understand equations, both the simple and quadratical, and about binomial theorem I’d be teeming with a lot o’ news, with many cheerful facts about the square of the hypotenuse…

Deja Vu? But I’m pretty sure I’ve seen this design before on Woot.

Is that a blue fir?

Oh, you’re just angling for a quality post with those puns.

I love the shirt!..It made me lol… But I hate the blue. I’ve got too many blue shirts as it is.

I think he’s going to have to do more than soh-cah-toa.

If a man is crushed under a tree in the middle of trigonometry problem, but no one is around to solve it, does it have a solution?

Quick! sin(pi/2) cos(2*pi/3) tan(0) sin(pi/4) cos^-1(1) tan^-1(1) Your life depends on it!

All you pun people. You should make like a tree and leaf!