TriLite LED Work & Spotlite - Your Choice

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TriLite LED Work & Spotlite - Your Choice
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I purchased three similar style lights made by Stanley a few years ago for myself and as gifts. I loved them, they were extremely handy used as a tripod or individually. Unfortunately, all three only lasted about a year before the plastic battery housing caps basically fell apart. This one looks better made so I may have to give it a try. Like I said they are very handy because of the versatility. The individual lights weren’t very bright but good enough for walking the dog and around the house in a power failure. However with all three on in tripod mode, nice and bright, and great for working under the sink, for example, when you need both hands for other things.

NOTE: Initially I assumed these came apart to make three individual flashlights like the Stanley, but now I see they don’t. Still versatile, and the tripod is really handy.

I also had the Stanley light I got here years ago. Loved them because as a scout leader I could pull one off and give to a girl who had forgotten her flashlight. But they all stopped working after a couple of years.

It looks like these do separate into thirds - I wish the description and pictures made it clearer. The video on this page does :

The Features section clearly states multiple times that they come apart. :slight_smile:

TriLites on Amazon. Not a lot, but all good reviews.

Ya, I didn’t read it closely enough and should have paid more attention to the features. Thanks to all for correcting the matter so my comments don’t confuse. Obviously I’m confused enough for everybody. My drugs musta kicked in when I got to this uh… what are we talking about agai… oh yea, it’s coming back to me. Sorry! In the words of Roseanne Roseannadanna, N-E-V-E-R-M-I-N-D!

I also liked the Stanley ones from years ago. Even though I lost one and the others eventually broke I love the concept. And I’m a sucker for flashlights as we camp a lot. In for one.

Better pictures and description on Amazon

My Stanley ones are still going strong and no issues with any damage though so… pass.

My Stanley ones still work but will see how long that lasts as my five-year-old has taken a shine to them. (see what I did there!)

Might be time to invest in a new set.

LED intensity is poor. Expected significantly more brightness.