Trinitas Old Vine Petite Sirah - Three Pack

Trinitas Old Vine Petite Sirah - Three Pack
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Condition: Red
Product: 3 2006 Old Vine Petite Sirah
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2006 Old Vine Petite Sirah

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Where is Loweeel!?! A perfect offer for a PSychopath!

CT average price of just under $17. Looks like w.w matches that.

Yay! This is a nice value on this wine. It may not blow you away, but it’s solid all around. About 25% off retail.

Trinitas Old Vine Petite Sirah - Three Pack
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I be fast and he be slow … well, slower this time. Almost missed it!!

And really surprised I beat the PSith Master for this one.

Already bought.

Wootalyzer was slow today.

He be buying … takes a while with two ID’s.

Trinitas Old Vine Petite Sirah - Three Pack
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Lodi PS, so you’ll get a bit of jam on there (though PS can handle it better than most grapes, as per KR). Trinitas probably makes among the most refined/restrained PS out of the Lodi fruit. It’s medium-to-full-bodied, which is to say that it’s light-to-medium for a PS. This is one that PairS with food.

In terms of flavor profile, most stuff in that area tends towards tend towards blueberry (Earthquake, PSPS)/Blackberry (Mettler, also a nice one and highly recommended)/Plummy (Bogle, but I haven’t found a ton of difference between Lodi and Clarksburg fruit) – but Trinitas is, from my memory, more towards the red fruit side, though Black Raspberry/Black Cherry (with some dark fruit undertones) rather than the lighter red fruit you’ll find down PaSo way (Clayhouse).

Just how old are these vines?

Nice favorable review from 2 weeks ago in – best PS out of the 5 reasonably priced ones they reviewed.

Wine Spectator says …
Trinitas Petite Sirah Lodi Old Vine 2006: Fruity plum and zesty wild berry flavors are juicy and spicy, with full-bodied tannins and an easy-drinking profile. Drink now through 2012. 2,500 cases made.

From the Trinitas Website:

YAY! In for one, obviously. I enjoyed the 2 Trinitas zins I’ve had - but haven’t yet popped the Mataro. I’m looking forward to seeing how they style their PS.

And since Friday won’t have actual wine, this is a pretty good bday woot for the closest-to-my-bday wine woot! Make sure to have something I love Monday too, please. Maybe some PETIT VERDOT?!

salivates at the thought

I just broke 290 bottles and I’m turning 29 - coincidence? Clearly the solution is to drink more wine to maintain my youth. :smiley:

So you need to accumulate 10 more bottles every year than you consume? Nice :happy:

I would need 200 more bottles in the next week and a half to match your feat :stuck_out_tongue:

So any of the NYCrew want any of this PS to share an order (or more)? Nothing like the “need” to put more charges on a credit card to reach the reward points needed for a free flight to break a SIWBM. :tongue:

These bottles look larger than the average wine bottle. Can someone confirm that?

Pretty sure it’s just the bottle shape that makes it look that way. If you check out the page on the winery website here:

They have a picture of the same bottle and list it as the standard 750ml.