Trinitas Old Vine Petite Sirah - Three Pack

woot off. bring it.


I was NOT ready for a woot-off!! Especially since wtso is running super deals every 15 min tomorrow… Credit card, PREPARE FOR BATTLE!!!

Oh, and curious about my avatar too…

should I even bother asking if this is kosher?

Me too! Cheapskate wednesday baby. I just got finished with three jambalayas on joe’s cigar in the past 5 days too! Money = gone.

3 2006 Old Vine Petite Sirah - Three Pack

Thread from last time it was offered

Is this the same?
($21 shipping to my house!)

Looks like the same stuff?


I was thinking about shoving my card into the coffee grinder, but then realized every bit of data on the card is written in stone inside the old noggin. I’m curious to see the next offer that ISN’T a 2006 or 2008 California vintage.

Wine Spectator gave it an 86. Not too shabby.

Wine Woof Offs are evil when you live in Oklahoma… Pure Evil!!

oh no, just got back from Gold Country & joined another wine club & now it is woot-off? Plus I’m away from the computer tomorrow :frowning:

is petite sirah like syrah/shiraz?

Looks like this one might be up here for a while. I don’t think people were expecting a woot off either so they probably aren’t checking the page. Night all…hopefully I don’t miss anything good. I need a Venturi this time around!

Get a Blackberry :wink:

Yeah but if nothing else that means we get another one at noon so we’ll get two listings in for the day instead of just one. Since this first one’s a red it would be nice if the second one was a nice double or triple pack of Chardonnay that can be shipped to CT, just saying.

Petite Syrah makes your tongue a giraffe-like purple color. Dentists love it the morning after as well. Petite Syrah is also known as Durif, but nobody calls it that. It is a combination of Syrah and Peloursin.

Petite Sirah

how does it compare in taste?

is there some way to have notifications of woot deals sent as text messages to my phone? it’d be really helpful so i would know when to come back and check instead of checking every 5 min