Trio 7.85" 16GB Tablet w/Free 4G Data

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Trio 7.85" 16GB Tablet w/Free 4G Data
Price: $49.99
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Condition: Refurbished


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Where do you get a SIM card?

Reviews over at Walmart

Its not free if you still have to buy a sim card…

Any OS upgrades for this? Can this run the Google Now Launcher?

Very good reviews at

Noticed it’s also only $20 more there for a NEW one and you can pick it up at the store without paying for shipping.

does anyone have a clue, how one obtains a sim card…
can one just buy one?
or does one have to have a contract with T-Mobile to have a sim card???
I’m Soooooo confused…

You don’t need to buy this tablet to get the 200mb/mo free 4g from t-mobile. I know because I have the free200mb/mo from t-mobile. It cost me $.99 and I don’t have a t-mobile contract. YMMV on the cost of the sim card but the program is still running. As about the bring your own tablet. I called them. I don’t know if you can do it on the website.

I bought one of these from a store, not Woot, so be advised I can’t be sure this deal will be the same…

Mine came with a SIM, but it looks like you can get one here: which says usually $15 but free with the offer code on the page. But it mentions a $20/month charge, so I’m not sure if it’s the right page or SIM.

You don’t need a contract. I have a pre-pay (i.e. no-contract) T-mobile phone account and the tablet is now listed on my account, too. There is no charge or contract involved.

200Mb is low, but enough to check email or occasional traffic on Google maps. If you need more, you can purchase blocks of data.

There’s a cover on the back that exposes slots for a SIM and micro SD card.

For the price, I think this is a good value tablet. It’s metal-backed and feels pretty solid. It has the memory card slot and GPS. It’s pretty responsive. It’s easy for people to bash this comparing it to a high-end tablet, but aside from being old a lower-spec, there’s not really anything wrong with it. I’ve bought tablets at a similar price that have felt cheap, been slow, had bad touchscreen tracking etc.

There has been no OS upgrade, but I’ve not found that to be a problem.

Yes, it has Google Now.

It has a more square aspect ratio screen than some tablets (4:3 like an old TV instead of 16:9). So movies might be letterboxed, but it does mean a wider-looking screen when held in portrait mode.

Easiest thing is to go to a T-Mobile store with your device and tell them you want the 200mb free. They’ll give you a sim card and tie it to that device so it’ll work when you put it in.

Hey Guys,
Tmobile is running a PROMO for a SIM card for .99 Shipped to your location. Here is the link:
The Promotion code is SIM99

the reviews i read say this only allows you to use 1 gb of the 16 gb for storage of apps,which makes it junk??? very few apps will transfer to the microsd,…check out amazon reviews on this unit

Well, yeah, it looks at first as if it’s “only” $20 more but aside from the sales tax, Walmart has so many Gotchas, my experience says Woot is likely to give more support if a brick arrives. :smiley:

Besides which, not everybody has joined the 24/7-connected mob. This is a total experiment for me. If I like being connected all the time, I’ll buy that $400 smartphone I’ve been squinting at for a couple of weeks. For $62 (see how it all adds up?), I can find out if having what amounts to a portable Internet connection is worthwhile for me.

Be nice, guys, I just hit the Order button. Next comes hoping I can get the SIM for a dollar…


Philey, THANK YOU for this information. I went to that web site and input SIM99 as the “code” and just bought the SIM for $1.07 - which is 99¢ + California sales tax. It was a bit sticky about exact address and then they changed “Street” to St. in the end but for a dollar, I don’t care. LOL

I really look forward to this little tablet. I have had other tablets but it all stayed in the house because I wasn’t willing to pay through the nose for connection fees. This is the first time I’ve been able to justify a “sampler” for 24/7 connectedness.

I don’t think I would have been willing to spend much more than $65 on this whole thing. I wouldn’t have purchased the tablet without some idea that it was reasonable to use and an affordable loss if I didn’t like it.

I’m new to this too. A SIM card is a bit of electronic hardware which carries identity information - it says, “This device is meant to use the T-Mobile network,” in this case. Obviously, phones can use various companies’ networks, as long as they carry a SIM card to prove their identity.

New credit cards have security “chips” on them too.

If you go for this computer deal, you can go to the T-Mobile link Philey has provided and buy the SIM card for $1 or so, depending on your state’s sales tax. They basically ask for name, address and credit card number so you can pay for it online. Nothing obnoxious. Use the SIM99 code on the Checkout page and it’s not $15 any more. Of course, they’d love it if you bought the $87 package of chargers and whatnot but you don’t have to.

I think this is a pretty good deal if the tablet doesn’t send smoke out the back in less than a year. Most of the electronic gadgets I’ve purchased have gone that long without a fuss. Don’t drop it into the toilet or frisbee it across the park - all the usual precautions.

This page shows how SIM cards are typically used:

By the way, from reading feedback at Amazon, it looks as if earlier in 2015, there was a problem with stuck switches - the ON/OFF, for instance. Anyway, here’s a phone number to keep in mind:


If you are still have this problem with the device please give our technical support team a call. they are very happy to help.

Technical Support

Kind Regards.
Cole -Trio Technician

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