Trio of Artisan Cheeses



Trio of Artisan Cheeses
$37.99 + $5 shipping
1 1lb Winchester Gouda
1 1lb Point Reyes Cheese
1 11 oz Cypress Grove Purple Haze Chevre

No CT links. Enjoy the cheese!





this is officially the smelliest woot I have seen since I became a member a couple weeks ago…


Spent a few days in Haarlem (for Floridad). Interested in cheesemaker input this time!



I’ve been seriously craving cheese, and now you do this? I have to go find some now. :wah:

PS - Point Reyes is amazing cheese! I don’t know about the other two.


My last cheese purchase just arrived and after ordering wine earlier today I’m not sure I should buy this… but its delicious cheese, how do you say no to delicious cheese?


Are you kidding me??? Its Beaujolais day and they offer me cheese. single tear I was really hoping…


Wtg on first sucker L…you’re the cheesiest!!!

And thank goodness it wasn’t fwWNZOLc7aEKE8 as first sucker. I can’t even begin to know how to pronounce fwWNZOLc7aEKE8 let alone spell fwWNZOLc7aEKE8. :tongue:

Now…do I really need 3 lbs of cheese in December? That Goulda was pretty damn…wait for it…gooda in Vegas.


Sigh. This is wine.woot, not cheese.woot


How could I not?


Watch it, not 3 lbs. That third one is 11oz.

And while not bad, I wasn’t overly impressed with the gouda. But like I told my dear PSith Master, gouda isn’t one of my favorites, so it has to be really super extra fabulous for me to be impressed by it. But I found it to be a little forgettable. Then again, we had so many cheeses, including the 3 Sisters stuff which I absolutely adore… I could be misremembering.

Regardless, there’s blue. And yes I’ve had this blue. And I just don’t like blue. Gonna have to pass on this one.


Maybe this will help…it isn’t three pounds…it’s 2 lbs. 11ozs.! :tongue:


We’re not going to see very many French wines offered on Wine.Woot.


Dammit…beat me by a few seconds!!


Yeah, it’s also not whine.woot.

Sorry, had to. Seriously I don’t understand why there’s all this fuss about having non-wine items up, but are still wine related. WD goes through a lot to find high quality stuff for us to enjoy WITH our wine. I for one appreciate it. If you (the general you, not you in particular 7) don’t want to partake of the item simply because it’s non-wine, I feel sorry for you - you’re missing out. But that’s your choice.


Thinking about getting this for my stepmom for Christmas… she is into the gourmet scene.

Anyone know anything about these? Would this make a good gift? Does the product need to be refrigerated?


question for the Vegas folks

How was the goatcheese? The flavors sound really interesting. In a good way.


Funny, just had the purple haze last week with an '03 Bandol. The cheese was delicious, very smooth creaminess of a chevre and nice balance of the fennel and lavender (really not that dominant). Not sure what the price was, so no idea if this is a good deal, but being wine.woot, it must be.

From Product Description:
You won’t find cheeses like this plastic-wrapped in individual slices. You won’t find them anywhere, in fact, except California and Wine.Woot.

Hmmm…Pretty sure they carry the purple haze at the co-op on NE 15th and Alberta in PDX.


Eyeballing this cheese and thinking it would make my mini trips out for nibblies easier, especially now that the snow is starting here in Chicago. :slight_smile: