TRION:Z Avengers Iron Man Magtitan Neo Legend Power Band

80 bucks is a lot for a placebo.

I think it’s less about the advertised effect, more about that it’s a replica of a movie prop.

For 80 bones I hope it comes with a Jarvis

Or a really cheap imitation of Pepper Potts.

If they added ACME and megatroid to the name I would totally consider buying one.

No you don’t. Stay Tuned for Avengers: Age of Ultron.

I actually almost plopped down for some of these when they first came out. then, I found out you only get one… and tony wears two, one on each wrist. so even at this discount, to be like tony i would need to pay $140. for featureless jewelry. that does nothing. and sure its cool if you recognize it. but NO ONE is going to recognize these at a glance unless they got suckered too.

You’d actually be out $160 for 2. And for that much can we please get some measurements instead of just small, medium, and large?

For anyone looking, apparently measurements aren’t a spec, they’re a feature. So look under features.