Triple-Layer Blackout Grommet Window Panel Pairs

These seem small. Who makes them? Anyone have any experience with these?

How do you know what each style looks like? Which one is Catalina, etc?

I bought a set of these a couple of months ago from woot, and they’re just okay. They aren’t lined at all, just one layer of fabric, and you can tell. While they do darken the room, they aren’t blackout. They let a fair amount of light through, enough so that I’m considering replacing them already. I work pretty late and my apartment faces south, so any light blasts into my room.

Thanks, that’s what I was wondering. I like a couple styles but would be ordering blindly. No thanks. I got some decent room darkening at WMart in Charcoal Gray for $9.99 a pair and they work well. The only problem is they are only sold in solid colors.

How long are these?

Each panel measures: 38" x 84"

These appear to be Duck River Textiles brand - here’s a link to one of the styles available:

Not a whole lot of reviews, and not many listings for the exact styles available on Woot (I didn’t search for all of them).

If you click on each picture it tells you what color and style it is.

Notice it says room darkening which can mean a lot of things. They do not block out all the light. I bought a pair and when the sun was shining it let in quite a bit of light. Only heavy curtains will block out all the light.

You don’t even have to click. Just hover your mouse over the thumbnail picture and you get a tooltip with the style name and color name.

There are captions on the photos. They don’t show in the mobile app though so you’ll need to view the webpage.

I also purchased a few of these a while back. Though they do a decent job of blocking light, they are not “black out” as someone already pointed out. The other thing that I didn’t calculate is the fact that they do measure 38" when pulled tightly but on a rod they are more like 24". For the window they went on I had to purchase an additional set to make them work. They look good and are functional but they don’t block out the cold as much as others I have previously purchased.

You’re sure these are the same? says right in the description that they’re triple layer. Woot, could use your help here…

Hi all. We haven’t sold the triple-layer panels before. Some of the styles look the same but they’re triple layered.

If you click “read more” it takes you to another page where it shows the varieties and colors to the right of the main image. You can scroll up and down to see all the selections.

Normally the limit of 3 isn’t a problem. I mean, do you really NEED 4 Roombas to have a robot battle? 3 will do.

In this case, am I supposed to replace 3/5 of my bedroom windows and hope to find a match for the others later?

Use a different email, log in and purchase a second set.

“originally 150$”
wtf? Where?
You can get REAL black out curtains and walmart and Target for under 20…
150 gtfoh

Woot uses the manufacturer’s suggested retail price. Meaning, they could say anything (just look at any authentically fake stone/gold color plated jewelry when posted here and you’ll get the idea. List price: $1 million, yours today for only $99.99! Shipping and handling extra.)