Triple Mount Solar Gutter Lights, 2 packs

Wise man say … "you will be mad at yourself for getting this poorly made GARBAGE.’ They last about 15 minutes in the weather.Do not waste your time.

Mine have been in my gutter for around a year and they still work :confused:

I’m confused by the specs. For the round one, it says:
Battery: (2) Rechargeable 1.2V 600 MAH Ni-Cad
Run Time: 6-8 hours at full charge
Lumens: 24 Lumens per light
Solar Panel: Polysilicon panel 2V 80 MAH

For the square one, it says:
Battery: Rechargeable 1.2V 600 MAH Ni-Cad
Run Time: 6-9 hours at full charge
Lumens: 55 Lumens per light
Solar Panel: Polysilicon panel 2V 150 MAH

So the square one with ~2X the light output and ~2X the solar panel output has a single battery, but the round one has 2? Yet they have about the same run time? Doesn’t make sense.

Thanks for the question RGcombs!

The Square Gutter Light utilizes SMD LED technology which is highly efficient.

The Round Gutter Light utilizes traditional LED technology.

I hope this helps!

NiCad batteries are ALWAYS a deal killer for me. They build up a “memory” in the battery cells, and over time hold less and less charge. It’s crazy that anyone is still using them, as Nickel Metal Hydride batteries are almost as cheap and don’t have the issues with battery memory. With NiCad batteries… this is gonna be a “pass” for me.

Is there any reason you couldn’t replace the NiCad battery with a NiMH battery when the original wears out?
Perhaps the Dealmonster could reply.

how does it get turned on and off

Other websites offer “free shipping” - almost jumped the gun and ordered them today, glad I did my research.

Also, did not know about the battery issue. Good info going forward - thanks!

I have gutter guards installed. How would the square ones install?
Also NI-Cad battery technology is over 25 years old, it should be scrapped.

Thanks for the concern! We have looked into NiMH batteries, and it seems that NiCd batteries have a lower self-discharge rate than the NiMH batteries that we had available.

You can read more about it on Wikipedia


You can certainly replace the NiCd batteries with NiMH batteries if you needed to. We have tested our lights with both types.

Hope this helps!


The lights turn on automatically when the sensor detects it is dark outside.

(When you receive the product you do need to switch an on/off button though)

Hope this helps!


If there is a gap between the gutter and gutter gaurd then you may be able to get them to fit with the included hardware. If not, you could MacGyver it, right?

Hope this helps!

Baloney. SMD LEDs aren’t magically four times more efficient. Probably used a crap-tastic driver that “you had” like those niCd batteries? Btw, self-discharge doesn’t matter for a device that’s recharged every day right up until it’s used.

These things barely illuminate anything. Sorry I bought them :frowning:

Under “features” it notes three modes, what are the three modes?

Bought these on another siite a few years ago and installed them over my garage door. They’re still working ok but are not very bright.

If my gutters are 12 feet off the ground, will these project enough light to hit the ground?