Triple Mount Solar Gutter Lights, 2 packs

You can 1.clip them on the gutter, 2.screw them into a wall or 3.attach them to a fence post. Now they just need a 4th mode, to shed some light!

Got mine on Saturday and installed them on my 8ft fence and they barely illuminate the ground. I would say, if you have a 6ft fence, they are probably somewhat worthwhile, but anything higher than that and they become little more than accent lighting.


The Triple Mount Solar Gutter Lights are accent lights.

The Square Style are 55 Lumens, and emit more light than the Round Gutter Lights at 24 Lumens.

What style did you purchase?

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I would recommend the Square Gutter Lights (55 Lumen) because they emit more light than the Round Gutter Lights (24 Lumen)!

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The three mounting modes include:
1.) You can mount the light on a gutter
2.) You can mount the light on a wall
3.) You can mount the light on a fence post

Note: This product includes mounting hardware for all three applications!

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I bought the square copper colored lights. If my placement had been 6ft off the ground, they would have been perfect, but 8ft is just too high to do much more than be accent lighting. They look good, just not as functional as I would have liked. Maybe if I had 12 instead of just six, the overlap would have had a better effect.

How do you remove the protective film from the solar part, it tells you do this on a separate post card but am not able to get it off.

Sometimes when I have this issue I’ll stick a piece of tape to the corner of the peely thing and then pull that tape up and it helps get the peel started.

Thanks but it’s not coming off, not even sure if there is a protective coating.

Does it work otherwise? If so, I say just go for it and don’t worry about any ole protective coating.

Also, NiCd batteries are more heat tolerant and tolerate deep discharges better than other chemistry types. (and they are cheaper too!)

Hey thanks,

The more you know!

Hi macsgems,

The film is to ensure the protection of the solar panel. You can peel it off or leave it on with no significant loss in performance.

To peel, or not to peel?

When you receive yours, that is the real question.

Question is why would anyone want the round one if the panel has a lower charging output and the LEDs are dimmer and use more power for the dimmer output? Fashion?

$2 extra for copper, is that copper colored plastic or is that a metal housing compared to the white?

Bought these. What a joke. Note 24 lumens is not bright enough to read your wristwatch. I wish WOOT had not become a junk liquidator. Look elsewhere. I just bought another brand that is 300 lumens for about the same price.

AGREED… These things are a joke.

Not waterproof.

Bought the square white ones.

After only a couples of days outside, I had to dismount & dis-assemble them to remove the water (there was not even a gasket between the two halves)

How do I return these?

I’m really sorry to hear about your soggy lights! If you haven’t already, please use the Support Form linked at the top of the page to contact customer support for assistance.

I bought these one worked and the other didnt. They are as cheaply made as you can expect. Disappointed to say the least. would ship back but its not worth investing another 8 bucks init for shipping.