Tripp Lite 2 Port USB-C KVM Dock

Tripp Lite 2 Port USB-C KVM Dock

Hmm interesting arsenal of ports on this one. Could one still connect extended external monitors if one monitor used HDMI and the other used? USB-C to HDMI cable?

I don’t think these USB-C ports would function as a video output… I could be wrong, though.

Found this on an USBC to HDMI adapter on Amazon:

USBC to HDMI adapter connects a USB-C enabled smartphone, tablet or computer to an HDTV, monitor or projector with HDMI input; Driver free installation with no external software drivers required or power required with this HDMI USB C adapter; Windows computers may need updated USB-C or Thunderbolt 3 drivers from the manufacturer to work properly with this USB C HDMI adapter.

Sooooo, maybe?

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Appreciate this.
Pretty much, yeah it will work but you may need to do your own research to find computer-specific drivers if they don’t.

I can tell from my own experience that as a Mac and Windows user, your chances of finding those drivers (in the event it doesn’t work) are little to none.

Good to know. Confusing thing here that I have a USB-C to HMDI cable and it certainly does work on 2017+ Macbooks and 2018+ Android Smartphones. I’d imagine it should work… but that said, not sure what the return and refund policy is like for Woot products.

Normally a 30-day return policy but for the holidays, you can return up until 1/31/2022.

Here’s our return policy:

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This device appears to accept 2 usb-c inputs and display them both through the HDMI output… Like a toggle switch…?

KVM switches have existed forever (in slightly different packaging) allowing one keyboard, mouse, and monitor to control two computers with the ability to toggle between them. In this case, you’d hook the two computers up to the two usb c ports, monitor on the hdmi, mouse on one usb a, keyboard on the other. The button in the pictures would switch which usb c is inputting. So you’re probably not getting one usb c port to talk to the other. Previous kvms would have usb in and out and either dvi or vga ports for the monitor (two in, one out).

Honestly depending on where you physically keep your computer this device has been made obsolete by just a simple usb c hub with hdmi because it is pretty trivial to just move the cable from one system to the other (think laptops on a desk); for someone with multiple towers under a desk, this might still be useful.

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