Trippy Treble

It puts a melody in my mind.

No wonder the vioba is never in tune. They’re reading the wrong clef!

My wife, the musician, said ‘Cool.’ I like the colors and digital smokiness.

In your face Beats headphones!


If you can’t remember the the words, it’s no treble. Personally, I like the design, but I don’t think Meghan Trainor would approve…

I’m curious if this is some sort of pop culture reference? Try not to be too harsh on me for my ignorance (this time).

This is awesome

Size question…A lot of XL hoodies I get online are thin and shrink after a wash or two. I’m a 6’1" slim dude who where’s XL normally, but should I get the XXL so it fits loosely but not huge after a wash?

Hopefully someone on here has experience with buying hoodies from woot. This hoodie is awesome and I want it to fit forever!

What, no love for the alto clef?! #violasunite

Ice Cube - last week messed around and got a triple treble?

Actually, the vioba is never in tune because a cross between a violin and a tuba was never a good idea in the first place. (You spend the first year figuring out where to blow into…)

The only sizing that you can pick for the hoodie is non-gender specific. So are those adult sizes? And the gender specific sizing in the drop list (which is greyed out) was for the T-shirts?

Hey, I remember digging this one! It’s very rare for derby designs to return as a daily. Woot must have realized they missed out - it’s very fresh and has a classical and digital feel. Nice.

aghh…I was going to get the hoodie for a gift. My sister teaches music. Totally missed it due to things coming up. Major Bummer

Thank you so much for the nice comments, everyone! It’s awesome having my second big print on woot!

Actually it’s not a pop culture reference-- I originally submitted it to the psychedelia derby, so that’s where it gets its trippiness from. :slight_smile:

Thanks spiritgreen! I often throw old derby entries in as dailies, I figure it can’t hurt to try before I submit them to other sites! Occasionally I get side sale prints so that is cool too!

Features and specs tab and pictures show a zippered hoodie, and yet the dropdowns don’t show this as an option. What gives?

Yeah, I was hoping to buy the jacket instead of the shirt but it’s not selectable.

The hoodie was only available on the debut day.

Just thought I’d come back to post that I got my zip-up hoodie today and it looks so great in person! Awesome job on the design.