Triptych Art du Stellenbosch

I bought these last time around and love them. I got one for my office and one for home. Wish I’d have gotten the bigger size.

Agree with JAWS, these triptychs are good for an office. I like the bigger size offered, but wish they could sell a 90 x 30 of Tranquil Quay for a big space at home.

Very happy with the two sets I have…perfect for the beach house and at home. Tons of compliments, quality of the prints is far superior to any other I’ve researched. Definitely recommend…

Any way to purchase the Brooklyn Bridge print that was in the previous sale? Thanks

It’s not available through Woot at this time. Keep checking back though.

There’s a link in my signature to a list of All Plus Sales. It’s updated weekdays by around 9:30am CT.

Was all set to get the crimson wood but they don’t have the bigger size! booooo!


Bought several of these more than a year ago for our beach home. They make a big visual statement. “Wow! I like those pictures.” They are the first thing people notice.

I picked up the waters edge for a larger room thats all dark hardwood floors, and it looks perfect. Respectable quality all around.

Whoever makes these did a good job.

Is it normal that the picture is blurry? It’s like the resolution was too low and then stretched?!?

I have these in a smaller room where the viewing distance is ~4. The blurriness makes then look very cheap.

I have no idea but perhaps CS can assist. Please use the Support form linked at the top of the page to contact customer support for assistance. Include your Woot username and order number for faster service.

In this case, a photo will REALLY help Upload photos to (free) and add links to the photos in your description.