Triptych Art From Stellenbosch

Aaah, art designed to fit in a box that doesn’t incur UPS oversized charges for easy shipment to mall kiosks…

These are MUCH smaller than the room pictures suggest. get a ruler and see what 20x20 looks like. This is borderline scam tactics.

I don’t mind the ‘pizza box’ size of them,
but I do wonder of the quality of the image.

I’ve seen what appears to be extremely nice prints on other sites, only to read reviews of how pixelated they are.

Feedback from previous offerings of these:

^one post about the amazing pic quality,
then a post about a pic being blurry

another feedback page,

^mostly about a delivery snafu that Woot/Stellenbosch sorted out afterwards

I own a few of these and likely to buy from this sale again.

Regarding the “image quality” I think if you’re looking for vectorized art or an ultra crisp 10 megapixel print on glossy paper these are not for you.

That said, if you want high quality on canvas that present well and become conversational pieces this is for you.

These images are spectacular in subject, print quality, and build quality. They hang well and with lighting look like their suggested prices. Tell someone you spent $79.99 and watch their jaws drop.

Is there an easy way to hang these?

I know it has three notches on each piece for the bigger ones.

It is possible to hang with less nails? Rather not use the max.

Can anyone comment on this?

I bought some, we’ll see how it turns out,

the only one I’m a little worried about is the one I’m planning to hang in a hallway,
since hallway placement makes for very close viewing.
“Pier at Peace”

we’ll see.

My pictures came today…

and of the four I ordered,
one (my favorite one!) has two of its three panels damaged.

One panel has a crushed corner, the other has a dent on the side and a crushed corner.

The shipping box of the damaged set didn’t look any more beat up than the other boxes (another box had a hole in it, but that artwork inside was still fine).

Hopefully there’s one more copy of “Luminous Tide” out there to replace this one with.

Other than that, the pictures are all very nice, and seem to be worth the price.

I’m very sorry about that, it sounds like you’ve already contacted our CS team? If not- the support tab towards the top of the page is the way to go. Hopefully we have more to send!

Thank you.

We did contact the support staff,
the pic set is so nice I’m really hoping there’s one more somewhere!