Triptych Panel Art (6 Styles)

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Triptych Panel Art (6 Styles)
Price: $119.99
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Condition: New


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Comments from a previous sale

I was eyeballing that Crimson wood one hard last time these were on woot and had immediate regret that I didn’t snatch it up when I had the chance. Not this time! Hopefully they send the correct ones out this time around.

I bought it last time, got the wrong set, sent a message asking if they would please send me the right one when someone else returned it, and they DID! And we absolutely LOVE them. Hope you get your set this time!

We bought a slightly different version of the “crimson wood” triptych about two years ago here. It’s behind our sofa and it’s eye - popping. There isn’t a person who visits that doesn’t notice it. Very well constructed too.

Repeat customer here! Once again, saw Stellenbosch return to Woot and HAD to pick up one of their newer images as a gift to my wife. She has no idea how I manage to get her just the right print to fit our space each time but soon I just might reveal my sources! These larger format triptychs are even better than the originals and I cannot wait for this new one to arrive. Also, I wanted to comment on the level of customer service and response given to me from Stellenbosch. Simply the best with a touch of class. Buy these and you won’t regret it – people will always comment on these pieces they are THAT GOOD!

Anyone know the website for these panels?

Damn it! I missed them again. :frowning:

Is it possible to add a wire hanger to these art panels?

I rather not have 9 holes in the wall, or even six. It seems rather excessive.

I’m afraid this MDF particle board would not support a wire hanger.

Has anyone hung their triptych up yet?