Triptych Wall Panels

Ok, the color ones may have some value but seriously, the black and white ones could be printed at Staples/Office Max on banner medium and stapled onto $5, 12"x12" frames from Kmart (Just take out the glass). Total investment $25. Colored ones could be done for $35 and you pick your own royalty-free picture off of Google. Amsterdam pic and Paris pic are a joke. Been to most of these places offered and have better pics. (Not rubbing it in, but if you have been or not, you can do better)

I can’t stop! The Sydney Tower Buffet isn’t anywhere close to the Opera House, there is no windmill near the Eiffle Tower or the Arc de triomphe, The Collosieum isn’t near anything that resembles what’s in the picture (The Papal Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore)…and I quit. Just talk to the hand…

I agree with your first paragraph completely. But the second… you’re overreacting. The images are not meant to accurately represent one specific location for all the images. They are obviously only meant to highlight iconic landmarks, and then group them all together. It isn’t saying that they are all next-door to each other.

$90 for three 12X12 panels printed with archival ink on canvas and stretched on frames is a good price. This type of printing is not the same as what they do at Staples. Staples is an office supply store, not an art store. I have all the equipment that would be needed to make something like this, and considering the time required and the cost of materials, I would buy one of these instead of making it myself.
Stuff that you hang on your wall is very personal. You look at it every day. This is assuming you’re not 18 and primarily concerned with sex, gaming, and pizza. I think there are a lot of people who would enjoy having these pieces.
Personally I don’t care for the black and white cityscapes. But some might. The color landscapes are more attractive to me. The Red Rock sunrise is my favorite. They don’t really make it clear what the origin of the images is. They look a lot like photographs, and maybe they’re just stock images from the National Geographic collection. But there are some darned nice images in that collection.

Hey,hey,hey, there is nothing wrong with sex, gaming, and pizza. The colored ones here are pretty nice though, I just wish they were 16-18" instead of 12".

These panels say 12"x12"x3" Are they three inches deep? That’s awfully deep for a canvas wrapped picture. I have to wonder if that’s and someone combined the panels being 12"x12"x1" and the entire set is 12"x12"x3(pieces).

From the “in use” photo, it looks like they float off the wall a bit, so perhaps the 3" includes the mounting hardware that creates the float effect.

I’m with Woody on all counts. Who knew that SF and Tokyo had such similar skylines? Only the “artists” who created these monstrosities! Hmm, maybe that’s going a bit far…

I would imagine it’s probably the shipping size needed, So, yeah, stack three 1" panels on top of each other to ship, and you have a 12x12x3 package.

You get an A+ today for math! We got a note back from the vendor that they are indeed 1" thick each.

I don’t buy art but some of the landscapes are pretty cool and maybe I would buy if I had cash…

Wondering to myself when everything went to that “wrap around the frame” style…

(again, clueless= me)