TRITTON 720+ 7.1 Surround Sound Headset for PC



I have these and love them.

The first pair I had lasted about 3 years before they aggro’d my girlfriend and the cord got cut. I bought the newest set last June at a game stop. Same exact headset.

It is a little stiff and since I have a fat head (im 6’1 270lbs) they started cracking. A little duct tape and it fixed it right up. Sound quality is good. The mic is good for picking up my voice I just hate that it isn’t a solid piece, it’s a flexible mic that eventually starts to sag and looks bad. Works though

If you plan to use these for FPS you WILL NEVER GO BACK to using TV speakers. Being able to hear the enemy try to sneak up behind you is priceless in itself.

Buy a pair of Trittons, they are great.
I once lost my mic in a move and Tritton sent me a new one for free!

4/5 stars,

Pro: Great sound, noise cancelling

Con: Started breaking after a few months of use due to my fat head.