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While I am not sure about the other Trixie products here, if the Meru cat tree is any example, these Trixie items are far more expensive elsewhere, with the Meru ranging from about $150-$240 on other sites. But, with zero reviews on ANY of these sites, I suspect people are not buying these simply because they are much more expensive than other cat trees, and I would be reluctant to buy something costing so much more without any reviewer’s input as to quality and worth.

Check out Walmart
See it at Wayfair
Over at Amazon

I agree with everything you said. They don’t say where they are made, it would be nice to know.

Products are made in China. Any other questions feel free to ask.

Trixie Pet Products Sales Team

Where are the Specs (Weights & Dimms) of the Trixie Pet Products Savannah Cat Tree? Are we supposed to guess them or can we just tell you the size we want you to make it for that price?

The Dimensions of the Savannah Cat Tree are 22.75 x 22.75 x 51.75. The weight of the product is 64lbs. Any other information please let me know.

Trixie Sales Team