Trooper Target Practice

Why does Han Solo look nothing like Han Solo…?

Because Disney has more lawyers than Woot.

Shoot first? Then what?

Ummm because its not?

And we start the list for the “Targets on Your Chest” plus sale here…

First is always best.

Because THIS Han Solo, looks like THIS target practice guy:

Also, all these shirts at redbubble:,creme,womens,ffffff.jpg,baby_blue,mens,ffffff.u2.jpg

or this one:

Shoot first, so the other guy doesn’t have a chance to get a shot off.

Greedo never shoots.

Why is Han Solo being portrayed by Harvey Keitel?

Don’t forget the children’s classic, Green Eggs and Han.

This is another one of those shirts you might not want to wear at an airport…or a shooting range.

Shoot first and shoot to kill.

Reduces your chances of getting sued.

I never thought it looked like han solo. Now im convinced The “art” on this isn’t even original.

Having this shirt even in your closet at home most likely won’t do you any good when it is introduced into evidence at the trial.

I totally understand the Trayvon Martin/hoodie thing now.

Nap time!

Hansolo & Gretel: Not in my candy house!

Would buy one it it said “shot first”

Would buy one if it said “shot first”