Daft Trooper? Or Trooper Tron?

Forgive my ignorance, but which is which?

Wonderful designs and colors. Attention grabbing even.

Which is the Trooper and which is the Trooper classic, is what I mean to ask.

Purple one is Trooper
Red-ish one is Trooper Classic

(You can sort of tell by the shape of the helmets)

Hmm looks like standard is .2 oz heavier than AA. What size do these weights refer to, and how do larger or smaller sizes compare in weight to each other? For example, if these refer to the smalls, is it possible that the mediums are the same weight as each other? At large do the AA shirts weigh more? Every ounce matters Woot!

Both look awesome. I like the classic one just a wee bit better.

What’s a transplant design?

What, no Clone Trooper helmet option? :stuck_out_tongue:

Super Trooper!

Whoa! Is it just me and my tiny phone screen, or does the Trooper look like the guy from Duck Dynasty? :sunglasses:

I thought that, too!

This is the fabric weight - a standard measurement of a fixed amount. Like a square meter or yard. So in this instance - and as someone that has both kinds of shirts - the fabric weight of these two are basically identical given an individual shirt @.2 ounces difference…

The color scheme of the emblems is more consistent with G1 Transformers (Autobots vs Decepticons) than it is TRON. The background does look rather TRON-ish, but Transformers had a number of grids as backgrounds too:

I’m old…is this design from Star Wars or some other movie?

These are a couple of the best designs I’ve seen on shirt.w00t in the last few months.

the one with the city behind it, is the classic

Thanks a lot for the great response everyone ! Really glad you liked it. To be clear about the concept here, it’s reimagining troopers as 80’s vhs covers.

What does transplant design mean?