Trophy Bling?

Just noticed two of my derby wins don’t have the trophy badges. Not a big deal on it’s own, but this seems to be attached to the derby winner category and they don’t show up there because of it. If that could be adjusted at some point, I’d appreciate it!

I’ve alerted the Shirt team!

Yay! Thanks TSH!

Make that 3 shirts :wink:

Same with my <3 cat

I’ll pass on this info. Thanks so much for reporting these problems as they arise!

FWIW, the three I mentioned above are still without the winner designation. No rush, but just a reminder. Thanks.

Whatcha talking about. They have the badge. :tongue:

My <3 Cat still doesn’t :frowning:

I guess I missed it. :wink:
Thanks TT!

I’m late to this thread, but I’m missing the trophy bling on the page itself for Zen Neko, one of my first place wins. Also the comments page is missing (and all that goes along with that page).

It does have unconventional trophy in the catalog thumbnail (different than the other derby winners though).

Hey just bumping this in case it was missed… hey, I’m proud of my first place wins!:slight_smile: And I like seeing the comments too, which are missing. Thanks.

The original link has the comments button but no comments (and also not for sale).

Was it a WIN (Fri, Sat, Sun) or an honorable mention in the Plus event. There’s no bling for HM.

Win. 1st place.

Yeah, kind of weird, I don’t know where the comments went and what’s going on with this design…

Yes it was a win, first place, and I haven’t gotten many of those:)

Thanks for giving the info acraigl!!

It placed 1st in a mini derby so it wasn’t a daily, that’s why it doesn’t have the derby winner badge. We didn’t put the little badges on any of those winners. The badge is on the detail image above the tee icon instead. I would be all for adding it for you but then I’d have to add it for all the other mini-derby winners for consistency’s sake. Hope that makes sense.

I’ll have to look into the missing comments section. There are a few in the catalog that have that issue and I’m not sure why it happens…edit I was able to fix the comments on that one, Jasneko.

That makes sense. It’s been so long since we had a mini-derby that I forgot all about those rules. Thanks for the detail Ocho.

Ohh… I didn’t realize this was a mini-derby win. Ok yes that make sense.
Thanks for looking into this! I still don’t see the old comments in that thread though (which I thought there were?), are they lost?