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Blue light therapy is often prescribed along with 5-aminolevulinic acid which makes your skin more sensitive to treatment and more likely to benefit from blue light therapy (you also need to keep the skin exposed to the 5-aminolevulinic acid out of the sun for 40 hours because it really does make your skin that sensitive).

Even still, if you’re going to consider purchasing the blue light, you should definitely wear protective eyewear (which I don’t think it comes with).

Thank you for posting this information. I would like everyone to know that the BlueMD (and RedMD also on this sale) come with protective goggles in each box.

Thank you for the info. We’ve added that to the sales.

And thank you for stopping into answer questions!

If I can’t find that specific acid, will any acid do? I have an old car battery full of the stuff…

Previously when this was offered(MicrodermMD Home System) on it was listed as a 1 year warranty and that was later corrected to 3 years. This one says a 1 year warranty, is it a 1 year warranty or a 3 year warranty? Just want to be sure before I purchase. Thanks!

You are correct, the MicrodermMD does indeed come with a 3 year warranty, as per the last Woot sale!

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I’ll send this in for fixin’. Thanks for the note.

You do not have to use the acid product mentioned in the post above. The Blue MD comes with our recommended product, Rasul Clay Mask. It is a great complement to a Blue MD treatment!

4.4 stars on Amazon (and $89 more too)!

I have had a red led for two years now and it does work!!

I bought this and it did not work at all. I have done blue light therapy with LED lights in a salon, so I know that recommended treatment does work on my skin, but this product did not at all. Please see my amazon review. (The microdermMD, however, is absolutely wonderful!)