Trophyskin Dermacleanse

Tools to scour the top layer of skin off of your face for beauty. That’s what these are for.

I’ve read about the micro roller before and it still looks and sounds like a bad idea.

I just bought a Derma roller actually. I haven’t had it long enough to give a real review, but I’ve read lots of positive reviews. It - like derma micro abrasion used to be in office only… and people started realizing with the tools they could save 150 - 300 dollars and do it themselves.

Sorry woot, but your roller is grossly overpriced. I bought that exact roller for $13 on Amazon right here

You want to look for titanium needles, and they offer different lengths. Most people say not to start with more than 1.5… and to consider a topical numbing creme. I didn’t use one - but I have a pretty high pain tolerance, and I had to stop every now and then.

That link on Amazon is just for one roller while this is three rollers…i didn’t check on shipping but three rollers alone is around $40 on Amazon

No, it’s only one roller according to the description.

Has anyone tried the light system?

I can’t imagine what marketing bozo came up with that name. Or am I the only one who thinks of taxidermy when I envision “trophy skin”? Guess that’s one way to preserve your skin…

I have been using a derma roller for more than a year and, if used regularly, it actually works fairly well. As I have aged (60++) and my skin has sagged a bit, I was seeing old scars becoming much more visible. One set on my cheek and chin is from a dog bite when I was 5 yrs old that had been barely noticeable for most of my adult life. Using the roller has improved the look and texture a great deal as well as lessened my crow’s feet and creases. It is also helping with some more recent, nasty shingles scars on my forehead. My doctor said they are a very good way to promote collagen growth but to be sure and soak it in alcohol for a few minutes after each use.

I must agree with those that commented about the price. They can be had cheaper at a number of places but I must disagree with the “titanium only” comment. Surgical stainless steel works as well and is generally a little cheaper. Although they come in different sizes, I have only used the 1mm and never used anything to deaden my skin. Easy… peasy.

Would this help to tighten ‘jowls’?

It would be great to have someone from Trophyskin participate in this discussion.

There are so many tools available now it is hard to know what to use and when and how the heck they work. There’s Clarisonics for everything from eyelids to feet, dermabrasion systems of all sorts, needles of all lengths, microcurrents, lights that make me see red even with googles on and my eyes closed, etc. It’s getting hard knowing what to do when.

I’ve had a hard time finding information about the lights, but I religiously have used the RedMD desk-lamp looking thing for a few months anyway.

I found this information about needling helpful:

About firming the jowls: the only improvement I’ve seen for that area has come from using microcurrent.