Trouble placing order

Debated about contacting support but by the time they answer I will either die of old age or the Woots I want will be gone! Where to next?

What is the problem you’re having? ThunderThighs often checks in here, so might be able to help.

Woot sent me a coupon and it doesn’t work. In date, spent more than enough, etc.

Ok…TT should be able to help with that. I know that I’ve had problems with coupons not working before, and was advised to place the order and submit the notice to support, with my order number and the coupon details. They fixed it on their end within 24 hours, well before my card was charged. Make sure the coupon hasn’t expired–I know that’s been a problem before as well.

Sounds reasonable if all else fails. Thanks!

Never mind. Can buy it all on Amazon.

Sorry for the late reply. I don’t see a recent coupon on this account. If you still need help, pm me more info.

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