Troy-Bilt 16" Reel Mower

“Eliminates the need for gas or electricity”

NOT a feature…lol.

Actually, if I had a small yard this would be nice. EXERCISE! Walks do not accomplish something as handy as a cut lawn!

It’s so easy your kid can do it!
[youtube=ZFvvaj9wMGY] [/youtube]

Teach your son/daughter the value of hard work and a dollar. Or just buy it for yourself. your lawn is looking pretty shaggy anyways.

I always wanted one of these. Wish I had a lawn.

just because your lawn mower doesn’t use electricity doesn’t mean you don’t need it.

How much does it weigh?

These are excellent for cutting your lawn-- great for that small “postage stamp” lot!

I use a reel mower to mow our yard (not this one - we have the Scott’s Classic 22") and they work very well for well-established turf. For stringy or fibrous weeds, you’ll want something with a motor, but if your yard is pretty uniform, these work great. They’re not much harder to push than a traditional single-stroke mower, and smell a LOT better.

Also, this is a great model for a good price.

Oh, also, these do not always give you a “perfect” mow - sometimes there are a few straggling blades of grass. If this bothers you, don’t get a reel mower, but if “good enough” is good enough for you, they’re awesome!

I have the 18", bought it a year ago for $100 from a certain depot. For my 5000 sq ft of yard, it gives me good exercise, a good cut, and no gas smell on me or in my garage. Be sure not to let your grass grow too long, or else it’s a lot harder going (or you end up swallowing your pride and borrow your neighbors gas mower). Check out or for good advice and info.

When I was a kid our neighbor across the street used a reel mower. We had a noisy gas powered mower. It made me ask “How does it work without gas?”. Dad didn’t really have a satisfying answer for me. In time I recognized that our neighbor was much more calm while mowing his lawn than my dad. I’ve come to appreciate calmness and quietness. If I ever have reason to maintain a small lawn I will be investing in a reel mower for sure. I wish I had a lawn.

From the video, “It didn’t do much cuz I just cut it the other day with the Toro.” But hey look how easy it is to push!

Amazon says: Shipping Weight: 34 pounds

Here is the user manual Just in case you’re into that kind of stuff.

Keepin’ it reel, yo!

I had a similar reel mower when I loved in Chicago. Absolutely great for small yards. And like another commenter said, surprisingly calming.

I’d love to get one for my house now (which has an even smaller yard than my Chicago days)… if I hadn’t invested $200 in a cordless electric mower.

User Manual… Push Dammit!

What would happen if per say… it runs over my dogs poop?

Best mowers ever.

Now that I’m 6+ acres… I’ll stick with my ZTR.

Had one on my 1/5 acre lot in a subdivision on 2nd best yard on the culdesac… Would never have dreamed going back to gas on small yard.

I use a reel mower on my lawn, and used one on the lawn before this one, and one before that, and… well, I didn’t mow the lawn while I lived in a dorm during college, but I would have used one then too. :slight_smile:

I really appreciate reel mowers; beyond a sharpening every few years, there’s zero maintenance cost and they can last for years. You can leave the trimmings on your lawn (if they’re not long enough to double as hay): free mulch! You can listen to podcasts while mowing at normal volumes: no hearing loss! You never need to fetch gasoline in a little can or drag an extension cord across your lawn or feel stupid when the thing won’t start and you need to pretend to have some idea why because the annoying kid next door is laughing at you.

In other words, you can be the coolest person on your block, retain your perfect hearing, maintain and fertilize your lawn at the same time, and never feel stupid. What other lawn implement can do all that?

Nothing exciting - I’m sure I’ve done so, despite my best attempts to clean up the yard, but I’ve never been aware of doing so.

I did take out a vole once. After it had been run over by the mower, it just looked dead.

Can the pressure on the blade be made tighter so that it can cut through things like crabgrass, dandelions and whatever that grows on a unkempt lawn?