Troy-Bilt 18" Reel Mower with Catcher

I am in the market for a new mower. Troy Built is reliable and this is a great price. In for one.

$95 and manual labor. Get Reel.

I owned one of these. The first year it was great. Cuts through grass like butter. Unfortunately even with a thorough wipedown after each mow, the enamel on the blades wore down over time, which then allowed the blades to rust. Once that happened, it was pretty much impossible to keep them sharp. Using a sharpening kit to get the blades razor sharp would work, but they would not stay sharp in between mows.

So basically, these are great if you don’t mind buying a new one every year.

Had a reel mower for a while because I have a small yard and thought I’d go “green”. Well, they work okay. They do not work on long grass, so you must not let it get too long. The bag catches about 70% of the clippings. But you do need the bag. Clippings left on the grass only choke the lawn, not act as fertilizer. I found myself going back to the gas mower because it mowed more evenly and caught 100% of the clippings. After 2 summers the reel mower was gone.

why do so many people bag their grass? its free compost…

if you’re going to do anything to a yard, aerate it once or twice a year. you only bag the first mow of the season (if you are scalping the yard) and maybe the last mow.

I’ve had a reel mower before, it was a different brand. It worked surprisingly well, really the only issue I had with it was that my yard was full of trees and the mower would routinely get jammed on even the tinyest of twigs.

Does anyone know how this compares to the Fiskars? The Fiskars seem to be the best reel out there but is hard to find under $200.

I have been using a Fiskars Reel Mower which has some pretty neato extras to make the cut easier. It is more expensive but everyone who has tried it has been pretty impressed.

Another reel mower to think about - No rusty blades here!

Seems I was posting about the Fiskars at the same time you posted this… I cant compare with the Troy but can tell you that the Fiskars is amazing. It is super quiet. I can listen to my Touch with just the speaker (not headphone) and hear the music very well.

If you are thinking about a reel mower I would really recommend the Fiskar (I was pretty shocked to find one at my Walmart last summer).

i got the Troy w/o the grass catcher from the last woot. Used it on long grass and that was one of the hardest I have ever worked, and it was only a 20x30 lawn.

Plus, the blade seems kind of thin. It got bent to the point that it wont clear the stationary blade. Bending it back still didn’t fully clear the stationary blade. I had to file the rotating blade down. Then soon after, it happened again on another part of the blade. These blade seem to be soft metal, thus bending easily.

It’s back to the future today at Woot. Not sure why anyone would want one of these reel mowers, I just threw one away that was from the 1950’s. They’re all work, no fun.

You really need to read the manual…that is not how you make blade adjustments.

So yeah, I picked up the 16" version on the last Woot Off. It’s one of the better reel mowers I’ve used, not loud, cuts well, easy to use.

Same rules apply for all reel mowers…it doesn’t cut hard objects (acorns, branches). It doesn’t cut tall grass (but it is adjustable so you can do 2x or 3x passes after you’ve been lazy for a few weeks).

But it is an EXCELLENT cut that promotes healthy lawn growth. Rotary mowers have a tendency to tear the grass as it cuts, leaving frayed grass ends. Only gets worse with a less than sharp blade. These reel mowers cut like scissors, so no frayed ends, your grass stays green and becomes less susceptible to drying out or pests.

MY ABSOLUTE BIGGEST PROBLEM WITH THIS MOWER is that I bought the 16" before and now Woot has an 18" one. Oh well, 16" is a little easier to push, and it was $20 cheaper, so I’m still happy.

NO!!! I just bought the 16" with no bag! Woot why do you continue to mock my purchases with no buyers remorse return policy!!

Bad move…depending on the brand it may have been worth $300-$500!

I think this commercial pretty much sums up the Reel Mower experience.


I want to run out and buy one RIGHT NOW! That was the best lawn commercial ever… LMAO

Did you wipe the blades with light oil or just a dry cloth? just like all your other gardening cutting tools reel mower blades need to be oiled to prevent rust.

the success of that approach depends a lot on temperature and humidity. won’t work where i live, although i do have a composter and use that for my clippings.