Troy-Bilt 18" Reel Mower with Catcher



There’s one way to beat high gas prices.


25%? Not much of a discount I can get that at Lowes


I am willing to bet this WOOT-OFF item has some staying power and will not sell out in much of a hurry. In fact, not only do I predict a no sell out I would go so far to predict, extremely poor sales period. Now Troy Built has a very impressive reputation for quality but let’s face it. Just how many shoppers here on WOOT are going to want to PUSH this thing around under their own power? To a lesser degree but still important, a 25% discount is not squat! My recommendation to WOOT would be, if the sales are flat in the first hour, recognize this just ain’t going to cut it and pull it.


If I had a house, I would definitely be buying this.


Push mowers have done pretty well the last couple of times they’ve been up.

I personally wouldn’t want to push one around, but they seem pretty popular.


I have a reel mower that I use to cut my grass, and I love it. (and I have a big yard with hills ) I just push and go, no filling up, priming, etc. Its really light too, its no harder than pushing a regular lawn mower. Now there are some drawbacks to them. You can’t let your grass get out of hand or it wont cut very well, and even the smallest twigs will stop the blades, but I would not go back to a regular lawn mower.


I’ve got a nice flat yard and I prefer the push more to the self propelled one. It’s just kind of fun to see the grass go flying everywhere and the sound and smell are nice. The only problem is after a few years my blades aren’t that sharp and trying to sharpen a spiral shaped blade is nuts. It’s hard to put a good edge back on it.

The best part is the little kids can mow the lawn without any worries that they will run something or someone over.


When we first moved into our current house, I bought a push mower. Our house is surrounded by trees, and I soon found that all the debris that the trees dropped, such as twigs, small branches, bunches of leaves, etc. got caught in the blades and stopped the mower cold. It took forever to cut my small lawn.


My Lowe’s store sells it for $137, so from my math this deal is actually 35% off (savings of $47…pretty good deal).

The comments about sharpening the blades aren’t terribly valid. First, if you spray them with WD-40 after mowing, they don’t dull very quickly at all. Secondly, as per the instruction manual, you can apply a sharpening compound once a year to the lead blade, push the mower around a bit and wipe of the compound. That’s how you sharpen these blades, not a one-at-a-time ordeal.


1 hour later…aren’t you glad you didn’t park some cash on your bet? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: