Troy-Bilt 2200 PSI Gas Pressure Washer

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Troy-Bilt 2200 PSI Gas Pressure Washer
Price: $190.99
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Horrible reviews for this item on Amazon.

No reviews over 1 star is a bad time. Even if they were good reviews, this isn’t that great of a price for one of these kind of units.

[VMod note: That is a completely different model. This is a 2200 psi model, not 2700 psi.]

Built in Troy no more. They blackmailed our state, got the money, then closed the plant leaving hundreds of workers unemployed. Went to Wisconsin, did the same thing in Port Washington. Cannot recommend.

Super stoked I read the contents of the Orange Box. Contained super important info.

[MOD: That’s a hazmat issue. We have no control over that.]

Avoid this at all costs. I’ve had two of these and they were both junk. Thought the first one was a fluke, as I’ve had good luck with Troy-Bilt before, but it wasn’t. My second one only lasted one season, with two uses, and blew the water pump. JUNK!!!

You could really clean up on this deal.

Ehem, I’d be interested if it were 1. including the cleaner fluid stuff (sold separately) and 2. was a bit more pressure. I prefer washers closer to or over 3000PSI. Oh well. The price is enticing.

But it’s not really a deal. I paid like $200 for a 2700 psi a few years ago.

your orange box looks more yellow than orange on my computer

Correct Reviews

Hi all, you’re looking at the wrong item above for reviews. It has a completely different engine.

This item has the same Briggs & Stratton engine as this model but is branded as Troy-Bilt

That item has 4 stars.

Was going to get this until I noticed it’s a gas unit. I want one that’s powered by a gasoline engine.

GPM rate is too low. GPM equates to how well it will clean speed wise. Same reason you will spend a very long time on a driveway with a unit like this. 85 percent less time with a 4 to 6 GPM unit. However you get what you pay for.
These have cheap pumps as well.

Are you trolling? (I hope so, given the alternative.)

Well, then, how about these poor reviews for one bearing the same model number and also having a Briggs & Stratton engine? Seems noteworthy.

Got this “deal.” Used it once to clean up an old lawnmower. It wasn’t overwhelming in its pressure, but it was OK.
Pulled it out today to clean the driveway, pulled it ONCE and the pull-start/recoil mechanism disintegrated.
An utter piece of garbage.

I’m not staff, but have you contacted Troy-Bilt? These have a 2-year warranty.