Tru-Spec 24-7 Men's LS Tac-Tee (4 Colors)

Not that it matters, but the pictures of the navy and black shirts show the pencil pocket on the left sleeve near the shoulder instead of on the right sleeve as stated. Unless of course the photos were reversed during placement.

I added this note after these sold out so I don’t know if anyone will see this but after receiving my order today I was so impressed I felt compelled to let others know how nice these tees are. These are top quality throughout. Most wicking material is whisper thin and many want that but the material for these tees is thicker and offer UV protection. But the material is outstanding as far as no snagging and no pilling, you can tell as soon as you touch them. They really feel luxurious. I wondered how a company could justify a $30 tee, well now I know. I would definitely consider buying these at their list price, and just may, they are that nice. Now that I have them I really feel like I got one of the best bargains going in a long time and really wish they weren’t sold out because I would buy a bunch more. Well, nuff said!