Tru-Spec 24-7 Men's Multicam Windbreaker

So…How Many Cameras come with it?!



Five but they’re disguised so you’ll never find them. That’s why we didn’t mention them in the features or specs.

(This is a joke, people)

The pictures don’t match the multicam windbreaker I’m familiar with.
Waterproof zipper not shown in photos, pockets on sides of torso and arms not shown in photos.

…guess softshell jacket not windbreaker was what I’m familiar with. Still photo doesn’t match images of the windbreaker.

We’ve been selling this since November with these images and no complaints that I’m aware of.

If you put it in your cart, you should see this number


The last number changes based on the size.

You described the soft shell, which is a good jacket. I’d recommend the one without the velcro on the sleeves if you don’t have a need for patches. It looks a lot less tacticool.

Have the softshell - for some reason thought it was the windbreaker.

I see the model now - appears to be an older version of the current windbreaker.
I’m going to pass.

Looks like this is the windbreaker…NOT the soft-shell as listed on Amazon…you should take OUT the word soft-shell…very misleading title…

I have this jacket…the one I have is a thin material windbreaker material,The one I have is to large for me…so I just bought another one in a smaller size…we’ll see what come in the main…this is a great buy whatever you get…

I just found this listed at a place for $60.00…looks like this is a good deal…it is not a soft-shell material…

Is it quiet enough for hunting?

I’m not trying to troll or anything, but honestly I have to say that if you wear this pattern you will be sneered at by anyone who was ever in the military. Prepare to have some verbal violence come your way at least.

There are fewer things former vets hate more than civilians co-opting military gear or “look” for no good reason. (If you’re a hunter there are many better patterns out there, people.)

Don’t. Support. This.

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Tru-Spec 24-7 Men’s Multicam Windbreaker
Price: $24.99
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Condition: New


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As long as you aren’t sporting rank and a bunch of stolen valor stories, nothing will be said about your wearing a multicam jacket.

Agreed. All of my hunting gear is multicam because it is cheap(ish) and very effective. No one has verbally abused me in the woods for wearing milsurp camo, not that I’d give a flying duck if they did. Of course, I’m not wearing my rank or tags on any of this gear; in fact, I’ve removed all the noisy Velcro and sewn in regular (silent) buttons. It’s just camo. I also wear my old BDUs when night (hog) hunting or in more green summer months.