TRU-SPEC 24-7 Men's Tactical Pant

I have the shorts version of these pants, and they’re pretty great. I keep losing things, though, because there are so many pockets.

You’re a bit off, eh?
That being said, anyone have any insight as to the quality of these for work pants say as compared to Riggs Workwear Ranger pants?
Yes, mrdmd, many of us have use and need for things like “tactical” pants for things other than “shooting up” other people…

Maybe these are standard pants with tactical pockets!
I wear these at work all the time. I find the taticalness of the pants helpful with my tactical pens, tactical paper, tactical tools, and tactical flashlight. Tactical keys have a place, no problem. Sometimes I can even store a tactical lunch for when I need to eat on the go. Tactical coffee will need to find a better solution, while tactical water bottle can ride along just fine.
Please check all tactical pockets before washing, the tactical orange I was saving for later made everything smell sweet.

I’m very happy with the three I bought last time they were up. The pleated cargo pockets are nice as I find many cargos too tight for larger books and containers. The teflon coating works well against moisture, but makes loud swishing noise when you move, you won’t sneak up on anything in these.

Aren’t these just cargo pants by another name? If not, I’ll have to apply for a permit to publicly wear the cargo pants I already have. Beats wearing no pants, right?

Hey there. Sorry about the troll. I’ve deleted those post and some replies.

Happy Thanksgiving.

You do eat tactically, don’t you?

Received mine today. Tried on 1 of the 3 pair and am very satisfied with fit. These have an elastic-band type system in the waist which is a godsend for me as my size usually fluctuates 1-2 in the waist. So, they seem very comfortable. I work on the railroad so that will be the true test, how well they hold up under work conditions but they appear moderately rugged.