Tru Spec 24-7 Men's Tactical Pant

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Tru Spec 24-7 Men’s Tactical Pant
Price: $33.99
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Previous Similar Sales (May not be exact model)
1/28/2018 - $34.99

The Olive Green version makes excellent Scout pants if you don’t like the zip-off kind that they make nowadays, plus I prefer Tru-Spec’s durability.

These went up 3.00 dollar’s since the last time posted. I bought 3 pairs at 30.00 each.

I bought my first 2 pair at 24.99 i believe. Still worth grabbing at this price tho :smiley: yoink.

Is the brown color listed in the drop down menu for the dark brown or the light brown from the picture will all the pants color on it?

Love my Tru Specs and will order more. These are every bit as good as 5.11 at 1/2 the cost. For those that have not owned a pair - these are NOT everyday cargos. These are functional, built for rough work or jobs - military-like, police, physical labor etc… I have a cush job, but anytime I need to split wood, work on vehicles, spend time in the bush - these are my go-to. I’ve also spent a number of tours overseas in nothing but these pants for months on end. VERY good deal for the money (even if they went up a few bucks).

I bought two pair, for $18 apiece, about 6 months ago.

Good pants, but not worth this price. At $20ish, I’m in for 2-3. As is? None.

Are these true to size or should they be ordered one up or one down?

Agree.Though I’ve “retired” all my OD scout pants after seeing both boys make eagle and then spending 3 more years training new parents to take over my duties, I have a couple pair of these from way back, Tru-Spec 24-7’s. They are now “work around the house” pants. Here’s why I’m not a fan of this brand. Though mine were only 35% cotton, they still had “cotton issues”.

  1. Two pair of paints, both fit/trim are not the same.
  2. Over time, they seem to “draw up” more in the inseem then waist. So, they are my highwater pants LOL. Seems the PART that is cotton, shrinks more and more over time.
  3. Snagged one of the legs, after a couple of washings, the hole is frayed and the size of a dime. I just think of it as extra ventilation.
  4. If you are a 30 inseem, get the 32. And I’m a 34/35 waist. I got a 36 and it fits snug after a few months of washing.

Personally, I’m a Duluth trading company pants guy. I have about a dozen pair of the pants and 4 pairs of blue jeans from them. And lots of shirts. Not a big fan of the shirts but the pants are tops. Unless you get the 30% coupon during the holidays or other coupons, they are kinda of pricey.

But hey, who cares, right? They are TACTICAL.

The light brown is Khaki. The photos are labeled with the colors. :slight_smile:

I’m not sure how Tru Spec is actually naming their cargo pants, but it seems like everything they sell is marketed as 24-7 Tactical Pants.
I have 6 pairs of Tru Spec pants that I purchased from Woot and only 3 of them are the same style.
The one they are selling this time is not my favorite style, but also not my least favorite. Call out 5 out of 6.
The cargo pockets are plentiful, but have a TON of velcro in weird places.
There’s no open mag pocket (like there is on my favorite style) so storing a phone is a chore.
They do have 2 mag pockets inside of each large cargo pocket which is nice, but they are difficult to use for quickly storing a phone or other device.
They seem to be very stain/water repellent, so they are holding up well after a few times through the wash.
If you like enough pockets that you lose things because you forgot which pocket you put it in, these pants are excellent!

good point on the “multiple style” of Tru-Specs 24-7 Tactical pant- mostly diff fabrics from canvas to multiple weights of rip-stop cotton/poly- be helpful to know- anyone know which one this is???

Per the features: 65% Polyester/ 35% Cotton Rip-Stop

Oh good! Because my regular pants weren’t sufficient for my army guy / militia cosplay needs.

Now, if I could only find tactical socks and boxers, I could be a real cosplay army guy!

These run big. Order a size down.

These are okay. I bought 3 on a previous Woot for around 30 apiece. They are good pants, but I prefer Propper tacticals.

These are definitely baggy. I wish the ad would have stated that they run a size large when I ordered mine. One feature on these that I don’t care for, is the way the pocket flaps are long on one side and short on the other. I much prefer the flaps that are the same width all the way across the flap. These are awkward when pulling the flap loose from the velcro.

As usual…my size is not available…
I have a pair of these and LOVE them…

Ordinary pants, but ooh they’re called TACTICAL pants?! In for three; time to get my mall ninja on! Can I wear these in all of California, New York and Cook County, IL?