Tru-Spec Men's Tactical Pants

Tru-Spec Men's Tactical Pants

So which of these is the version I bought last time? I’d like to recommend them to my father for his maple sap-collecting excursions, but I’m not sure which of these it was. The descriptions vary.

They’re really nice, despite the absurd name. “Tactical pants”. LOL. They’re water resistant, though, for those of us who still venture into the outdoors. Dew and snow slide off. The material is fairly lightweight but feels like it’ll put up with some abuse.

The fit is very good, but err to the small side. They’re cut generously and the elastic waistband accommodates a couple inches of size. The pockets have strong hook-loop fasteners and lots of capacity and diversity of size. Good stuff.

Hey there, you can go to the “Stuff You Bought” page under your account and see which brand you purchased. The sale you linked is from last July so that can help narrow down your search in your orders.

These are great! I bought a pair of the OD Green last time to go with my scout uniform, rather than pay the huge price for “official” pants.

As someone else noted, they’re water resistant so light mist/water from walking through grass beads and rolls off.

The material is great–light, yet tough. Took these through a field of prickly pear and they also did not pick up those tiny stickers, which is pretty important.

I’m in for another pair!

Yeah, I’m already there. The names and descriptions have changed, as I indicated in my post.

Original purchase: Tru-Spec Original 24-7 Pants
This offer: Tru-Spec Range Pants OR 24-7 Tactical Boot Cut Trousers